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Toluna Review – Is Toluna A Scam?

So you are looking for some part time online jobs and came across Toluna and want to find out a bit more. Get comfy and find out what it is all about, if Toluna is legit and how it works in my unbiased Toluna Review:

What is Toluna?

Just what is Toluna?

Toluna is a popular market research company that offers legitimate paid online surveys to anyone over 18 and they have an impressive member base of around 13 million strong from the time of this writing.

Toluna is one of the leading digital market research companies worldwide.

They bring businesses and consumers together in real time to get insights from their customers.

For me and you, they are a survey site that will pay you in real money or vouchers(depending on your choice) for providing those insights to these businesses.


Very low income.There are better ways to make money online.

Toluna Review

Toluna Review

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Income Potential

My Best Recommendation: Wealthy Affiliate

Toluna Rewards

Toluna Rewards

Toluna rewards you for time spent performing tasks in many different ways. 

Rewards include: 

  • Gadgets
  • Getaways 
  • Vouchers for a big selection of online stores 
  • Cash

You are rewarded in points for the tasks that you do. 

Tasks include:

  • Filling out your profile
  • Doing surveys 
  • Doing profile surveys
  • Participating in polls 
  • Survey invites through e-mail

How Do I Earn Money With Toluna

Toluna Surveys:

I have outlined tasks you can do above but let me show you starting with Toluna surveys:

Toluna review - survey centre

Once logged onto your Toluna account, simply hover your mouse over the Surveys dropdown menu item at the top and click on Survey Centre. Your first survey is ready!

In the top-right of your first survey, you will notice a thumbs-up sign which indicates that the survey is recommended for you to do. You can also click on the ‘Load More’ button below the image that will bring up a few more surveys if available.

The Survey Centre is where you will earn most of your points from. It will also indicate the amount of points you can earn in the Survey Centre.

To sum it up: The Survey Centre is where you will find the proper surveys with multiple questions.

Toluna Sponsored Content:

Toluna review - sponsored content

Sponsored content is the second option under the Surveys drop-down menu. It is also known as Quick Votes and are quick single questions for you to answer that will normally award you with 15 points.

Toluna Profile Surveys: 

Toluna review - profile surveys

You have guessed it: Profile surveys is the third option in the Surveys drop-down menu. These are surveys about you, your interests and hobbies. The intention is to setup a good profile for you and match you with the correct surveys.  

If you are interested in getting paid for doing some surveys on Toluna, then I recommend completing your profile surveys. It can get tedious if you do a survey on a topic that simply does not interest you or you have a higher chance of not qualifying for a survey.

As you probably have noticed in the image above: You score 100 points per completed profile survey.

Online Surveys Advantages

Internet Surveys are becoming an essential tool for research in various fields and holds advantages for both consumers and businesses. This means that you play an important part in giving your opinion regarding products and services.

  • It is faster – Surveys used to be done face-to-face or over the telephone.
  • More acurate – Studies shows that the quality of an online survey is on par with a face-to-face survey, which is way better than the quality of conducting surveys over the phone.
  • Easier to use – You can do the survey when convenient and skip questions when irrelevant.
  • Cheaper – For businesses that conduct surveys, responses are automatically processed and results are easily accessible. There is no need to manually enter the data into a database. 
  • Quicker to analyze
  • Convenient – Surveys can now be conducted from your mobile device.

In my previous job I had, we provided our clients with an online survey regarding our products we offered. They could only fill in the section regarding the product they were using. It was part of my job to analyze the surveys on a daily basis. “That’s great news, John! I am happy for you. But what of it??’, I hear you say.

Well, it really gave me the opprtunity to offer my assistance to those that actually struggled or said they wished they could have done this or that with the product and I can contact them back and say -but you can! Let me help you. It also was the sole reason our products was loved, simple and easy to use, because we listened and tailored our products to our customers’ needs.

 Right, let me just move on to the earning potential of Toluna to answer the impatient ones out there. I know it is like: “Dude! Stop the blabbering and just tell me how much money I will get!” 

Then there are those cheaters that simply scrolled down to the “answer” 🙂

Toluna Earning Potential

This was probably my first question I looked for before I tried Toluna myself.

My answer will be that it depends on you and how many surveys/point there are available or time you have. Each country is different and different online shops that they cater for.

I live in South Africa and from the time of writing, I need 250 points for every R1 cash. It will pay out on 25,000 points for R100.

Do not worry – I will show you where in Toluna you can see this for your country in a moment.

So typically a survey can take 15 to 25 minutes on average and the points per survey can vary greatly.

Cash payments are done to your PayPal account.

So to see how many points relate to your currency, simply click on the Community drop-down menu at the top and select Rewards Centre

Toluna review - rewards

Now simply click on the ‘More’ button and you will see how many credits it will cost per voucher or for the conversion in your currency.

You won’t make a living from Toluna, even if you try or want to do this full time. Personally, doing this full time does not make sense for me but the occational survey, pocketing some money or winning something here or there is great as well as seeing my points accumalate.

You look at about R1,500 or $100 a month if you do a few surveys a day. If you work hard at it you may squeeze out about R4,500 or $300.

A job, whether a part time online job, a normal job or full time job is precisely this: An exchange of your time for money. I prefer to put hard work and effort in and then reap the rewards of that labour for some time to come. 

Yes, I am talking about passive income. Anyone can generate passive income starting off part time, but you will need to invest time in learning that skill. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place I found that will teach you exactly those skills with an awesome community that is always willing to help on top of the great support you get.

Moving on:

Just below Rewards you will see…

Toluna SweepStakes!

Toluna review - sweepastakes

So there is a daily lottery that you can enter to win 1,000,000 credits!

One entry will cost you 500 points.

The winners are announced at the bottom of the page each day.

Toluna Community

The Toluna Community is quite vibrant and there are usually some posts every few minutes.

It is easy to lose yourself in the community posts and before you know it the afternoon is gone! Perhaps it is just me, but I enjoy partaking.

Toluna review - create topic

It is easy to create a post and share with the rest of the Toluna community as can be seen above. Simply click on the big blue Create button at the top.

Toluna Create Button

Types Of Posts You Can Create:

  • vs Battle You ask the opinion between two products and the community can vote on their best choice.
  • Thumbs Up –  Here you ask the opinion about one product and then ask the Toluna community for a thumbs up or down.
  • A Poll – This is self explanitory. You can put up a poll with mutiple choices and can even allow for multiple ansers. Afterwards you are able to see the results of the poll.
  • A Topic – Pretty much like this blog post where you discuss a subject and people can leave their comment and start a descussion around the topic.

Who Is The Founder Of Toluna?

Toluna was founded by the current CEO, Frédéric-Charles Petit in 2000 and incorporated in England.

Toluna belongs to the ITWP group  with major investors being: Verlinvest, Eurovestech, Invesco and Management.

Before the major shareholders took Toluna private, it was listed on the AIM market.

There are some giant companies that make use of Toluna for customer insights like: Coca-Cola and Amazon.

Who is this for?

We know there are two sides to Toluna. One where you can sign-up as a member and participate in surveys or where you can enroll your company to receive insights from these surveys.

With that in mind. Here is who Toluna is for:

  • Businesses that need insight from customers to their products and services. (Conducting market research which is very powerful)
  • People that want to voice their opinion on products and services. (This is a huge platform that provides businesses with these opinions directly)
  • Those that are looking to make a few extra bucks while having a bit of fun (reletavie to what you call fun) on the side meeting others and sharing posts in the Toluna community.

What kind of support is available?

Toluna has got a comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. 

If that does not help, there is an option to fill in a contact form to ask for assistance.

I had no issues so far and so I cannot comment on the efficiency of the support. I can only comment on what is available.

What are Toluna’s Pros?

  • It is free to sign up
  • You can earn some money
  • You can win some money every day
  • There are cool gadgets and vouchers
  • A like minded community

What are its cons

  • It can be tedious at times
  • The income potential is quite low
  • It is easy to waste some time on Toluna

Let me explain the last point: You sometimes need to qualify for certain surveys. (I guess this is even beyond from what they can find on your profile? I am not sure.) The fact is:

You need to answer a bunch of qualifying questions in the begining and after spending that time, it may end up that you do not qualify for that survey. This is mostly the case with a high point value survey.

How much does it cost?

Toluna is FREE to join and signing up free for something is always a good thing. 

It gives the member piece of mind that there is no obligation or another obligation. It instills trust where the company basically says: ‘Hey, come join us! I am sure you will benefit and like it here.’  

Rather than putting a debit on your credit card before you can even have a peek at their system and the next thing you know you forgot to cancel, money has now been paid and you then try to make the best of it and see if you can make this thing work.

Have you ever been in such a situation? I have? I am emarresed to say: Multiple times. It happens when you are desperately looking for something to change your bad situation and the sweet promises of those that says: ‘This will be your last investment ever. You will need nothing more ever to make all the money in the world with our system.’

I would love to hear about your experiences with this in the comments below.

My Opinion & Verdict

Toluna is a legitimate online survey site where you surely get rewarded for completing surveys in points that can be exchanged for cash or online store vouchers. But note: Rewards do expire after a year. So you cannot pile up reward points forever, you may lose them!

You won’t be able to make a living from Toluna and should be seen as pocket money for some surveys done.

There are better ways of making money part time if this is what your end goal is. We all have the same 24 hours a day but some just get paid more money per hour. Time is precious. So use it wisely. 

Saying that, there is nothing wrong doing some surveys on Toluna when you have some time, let your points build-up and cash out. Instead of watching TV do a survey.

Some Internet users find it difficult to find legitimate part time online jobs and as a result believe that there are no such thing as paid online surveys (as an example) and that all of it is a scam. Unfortunately I was one of them and therefore I started this blog to at least show which part time online jobs are safe to try and other useful information to finally work your way to live financially free as my website suggest.

Your Comments?

Please share your thoughts on Toluna for those that already used it or if there is any question you would like to ask me about this blog, please leave it in comment section below and I will get back to you.

Feel free to include your frustrations or success with finding legitimate part time online jobs in the comments below.


Yes, you can get paid for doing online surveys with Toluna being one example. People want to do some easy online jobs and this is as easy as it gets. 

I believe that with some effort and dedication, you can earn much more money online. It starts with learning the skills and if you are interrested in making a decent bit of money online: Wealthy Affiliate will be my recommendation.

All the best,


4 thoughts on “Toluna Review – Is Toluna A Scam?”

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your comment.
      I agree. There is fun to be had but that is about it.

      Perhaps there are some that actually make it work for them? I am not sure. But I would love to hear from them too.


  1. John,
    Thanks for the heads up, I have always wondered if doing surveys online would bring in a decent amount of money, I’m not sure about the time vs ROI here though. Sounds like Wealthy Affiliate might be something worthwhile checking out though.

    1. Hi Nigel,

      Thank you for the comment. In the end everybody has the same 24 hours in a day and I believe you have to make those hours count and aim for some passive income. It is like Warren Buffett said: (I am paraphrasing) If you do not find a way to make money while you sleep, you will need to keep working.
      I truly believe that Wealthy Affiliate can show and help you achieve just that.

      All the best to you, Nigel,

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