The truth is that starting an online business is hard and even more so if you have no clue where to start.

Chances are that you already lost some money on some scams or empty promises of starting an online business overnight.

If you had your fingers burned before as I have, then it makes absolute sense that you will do a bit of research and search for Legendary Marketer Reviews to make sure that it is not yet another scam waiting to happen and that it is in fact the real deal.

Luckily, we are here to help unravel the truths and myths of online marketing so that you can avoid scams and have peace of mind that the advice given in an online marketing course is indeed good advice.

So before you pull out your wallet, you may benefit from reading this Legendary Marketer Review.

What Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is an online affiliate marketing course created by David Sharpe.

Their point of view is that selling high-ticket items is sometimes easier to do and takes less effort than selling loads of low-commission items. This then also means that earning a decent monthly income will be easier.

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

There are different ways that you can join Legendary Marketer:

  • You can sign up as an affiliate – Basic for $0 and $30 per month for the Advanced package
  • Sign up through their 15 Second Free Leads offer – $1
  • Through the 15-day Business challenge – $7
  • The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing eBook – $1.99
  • The Copywriters Playbook For 2020 – $1

I have signed up through the Business Challenge and will be sharing my experience taking that route.

The basic idea is to create a funnel, promote and advertise your product, and grow your e-mail list. Different from Wealthy Affiliate, Legendary Marketer does not include any SEO tactics or building a website, but rather the creation of landing pages through software like Clickfunnels in conjunction with Aweber as the autoresponder.

You do not have to make use of the recommended tools and can opt for free tools instead.

The 15-day Business Challenge Walkthrough

Each day needs to be completed before you can move on to the next day. Will it take 15 days to complete? Possibly not.

Day 1

This starts off with a bang with a video introduction, filling out some information to understand your business needs, scheduling a 1-on-1 business call, downloading Zoom for the meeting, and inviting you to watch their live morning show (Wake Up Legendary) on Facebook every morning.

So the first thing to note is that you cannot carry on to Day 2 without having that call.

The call will be regarding your needs and the way forward.

Day 2

Day 2 will almost be the exact same steps as Day 1. There is a video about the 4 Core Business Models and you scheduling another call with your advisor to receive bonus material.

The call will be about your next steps and, if I can remember correctly, to fill out your business plan.

Day 3

A video about building your business in 30 minutes and scheduling your last call to your Advisor. This is also having some bonus videos on how to set up your first funnel and Clickfunnel templates for you to use.

Of course, this will give you a link for a 14-day trial to Clickfunnels in order to use the templates and also a free sign-up link to Aweber as the autoresponder.

The call for Day 3 is basically to guide you in the options you should invest in. That was the case for me, but this conversation may only happen on Day4.

Day 4

There is a training video to watch and you fill out a Clarity Questionaire. Things like: How did you hear about David Sharpe?, your motivations for stuff, etc.

You are also encouraged to purchase the book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad so that you can get the right mindset.

Day 5

This is all about developing your business plan. You need a plan to follow and you will be given a template to plot out your unique business plan.

This is also where they offer you the Business Blueprint at a special deal. The Business Blueprint comes bundled with different modules (which you can purchase separately from the Legendary Marketer’s store) and there are 3 variations offered.

The pricing starts at $2,500, $4,500, and goes up to $9,500. Is it worth it? There is lots of value in the Blueprints and the more expensive packages include stuff like masterminds and personal coaching.

Day 6

This includes a video that answers some questions and testimonial videos of users.

Day 7

Answering the question of when you should decide on quitting your job and offering some 1-on-1 coaching.

Day 8

Dave is talking here about the important skills you need to be a success.

Day 9

Expanding on the first important skill: Lead Generation. There is also a questionnaire where you fill in your biggest challenge regarding Lead Generation.

Day 10

Talking about the second skill which is Copywriting and answering the question around your biggest challenge regarding Copywriting.

Day 11

Dave talks about the third skill which is Sales and Presenting and also asks you to answer the question about your biggest challenge regarding Sales and Presenting.

Day 12

This is a video regarding work that is best to outsource. When you have made a bit of money of course.

Day 13

Dave talks about the importance of investing in your business and self-development and the results it can bring. You also get to download a list of 30 ways to make some extra money.

Day 14

This training day is about making a long-term commitment and moving from being a wantrepreneur to an entrepreneur. 🙂

Day 15

That is it! The last day. Day 15 is to congratulate you for making it to the end and encouraging you to take action.

What Else Does Legendary Marketer Offer?

They have 2 FaceBook groups you can belong to: Legendary Marketer and Legendary Marketer Affiliates.

Can I say that the one is for those that invested in Legendary Marketer and the other group is for those promoting Legendary Marketer. You can end up belonging to both.

You can ask questions and you normally get good answers to your questions from the community.

Legendary Marketer products you can invest in

As from the time of writing, those are the products you can invest in.

I also invested in the Marketer’s Club ($30 per month) where all the training is recorded and can be found right there.

With the Business Blueprints and Live experience, you cannot just purchase without speaking to your advisor first. Under the Marketing and Advertising section, Traffic University is a high-ticket item of $1,497.

What Does Legendary Marketer Teach?

Some of the things you will learn:

  • Lead generation
  • Building funnels
  • Email marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Facebook Groups

What will you not learn:

  • You will not learn about Website building
  • You will not learn about SEO

The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program – Are There Any Sign Up Fees?

Legendary Marketer offers 2 affiliate programs: A basic program and a Pro version.

The basic program is free to join that gives you ready-made funnels, reports, a scoreboard, marketing material, commissions -, and members page.

You can earn 10 – 30% commissions on the basic plan.

The Pro version goes for $29.95 per month and offers the following benefits:

  • More commissions (40 – 60% )
  • Better training
  • Integrate your own autoresponder with the pre-made funnels
  • Additional streams of income
  • Private traffic sources

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate you can go here: Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Application

There used to be a lot of upsells when you signed up as an affiliate, but it looks like that changed a bit.

Even though you can learn a lot from Legendary Marketer and get your business up and running quicker than with SEO, you will need quite a bit of money to invest.

What I Like About Legendary Marketer


Once you are inside of Legendary Marketer, Dave is honest and transparent and tells it like it is.

Learning Something New

For me, it is learning a new way of marketing outside of doing content marketing. I do understand why so many prefer this type of business model.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The money-back guarantee applies to subscription-based products like the Marketer’s Club and affords you the opportunity to see what is the right fit for you.

Promoting Any Product

In the past, the training may have been focusing on promoting Legendary Marketer products but in recent years it is encouraged to promote other products, and training is offered on selling Clickbank and similar offers.

Choose The Training You Want To Purchase

It is true that they do push you to buy the Business Blueprint, but in the end, you have free reign in deciding which training module you would like to invest in.

Their FaceBook Groups

You can ask questions on their FaceBook groups and interact with like-minded people. The morning live show is uplifting.

Legendary Marketer Complaints

Training Focused On Legendary Marketer Products

I saw that people were complaining that they only teach you how to promote Legendary Marketer products and you end up not working for yourself.

I do not experience the same but the exact opposite. So if it used to be the case – it no longer is.

Hidden Fees

Paid advertising used to be the focus, but they also now show you how to kill it with free traffic using Tik Tok and FaceBook. So I believe this complaint is not valid anymore.

The Affiliate Program

This is possibly only me complaining about this, but there are not many subscription-based products you can promote from the get-go as an affiliate, and therefore your income potential from promoting Legendary Marketer itself may be low or not consistent.

There are far better affiliate programs out there like is the case with Wealthy Affiliate, should you choose to promote the training platform itself.

Having An Advisor

Most would probably like the idea of personally speaking to someone 1-on-1 and getting the right advice. Personally, I just do not prefer to feel that I HAVE to schedule an appointment with someone to complete the rest of the course.

Is Legendary Marketer A Scam?

I do not feel that Legendary marketer is a scam. There is genuinely an opportunity to learn and earn a real income online.

Growing an email list is very valuable and something that you set up almost from day 1, which I believe is a good thing and a valuable asset to have.

Having said that: They do not make you aware that there are cheaper or free alternatives to start off with and pretty much give the feeling that Clickfunnels is a good option to go with.

Now if you are not making good money already or if money is not a problem, just your freedom, then sure – you should invest in Clickfunnels. I do not feel it is wise to invest in an expensive product (even if it is the best) when starting out.

You see, tools do not bring in the money per se. It is clients or your fans. You need to generate the traffic first.

Instead of Clickfunnels, you can give a try. It is FREE to use and works well.

If you still feel you want to sign-up for Legendary Marketer, then I will recommend signing up for the Legendary Marketer 15-day Business Builder Challenge.

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