How To Promote My Website On Google For Free

How to promote my website on Google for free?, is probably thé question that lead me to many different avenues when it comes to generating traffic to my website. The point is that you want to get your website and its awesome content out to the world for interested people to find and to see.

To make things simple, lets breakdown two methods of promoting your website on Google:

Free Traffic To My Website – Where Can I get Free Traffic?

For free traffic to your website, you will need time.

There are many different ways you can promote your website for free:

Social NetworksSocial media networks are one such avenue. Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are examples of these. Being active on these networks, creating a following and presenting your audience with great content from your website (In other words, redirecting them to your website where the content is they are looking for); is a good way of promoting your website for free.

The search engines, like Google, will index such activity and depending on the attention the post, pin, tweet, etc. enjoys it will be ranked for a search term in the search engines pages.

The more interaction in the form of shares, tweets, comments, likes, etc. your content enjoys the more popular it will be and the more free traffic you will enjoy to your website if you promoted your website rather than some other landing page.

Each social network is different in purpose. Example:

Facebook is more about what is happening now. It is a fast paced platform of information and concentrates on what is happening and what happened in the last 24 hours. It is by far the largest social media platform out there and hugely popular. Strategies for getting traffic to your website from Facebook includes joining groups in your interest (example: Dogs) and then share interesting posts from your website with them. This can bring huge traffic to your site in the short run.

Pinterest is more about visual pin boards of peoples dreams, hobbies and interests. Therefore, search engines will likely index a picture from Pinterest that will lead to your pinned topic which in turn should lead to your website.

Google’s ranking pages are divided in different sections and you can take advantage of any of these sections. One of these sections is dedicated to video content. Therefore, YouTube is also a good avenue for generating traffic. Each of these traffic generating avenues has got their own ranking system as well.

It mostly takes time and effort on a daily basis to keep the traffic flowing to your site. I personally think that a platform like Pinterest is more long term and forgiving. The key is still consistency in anything.

With that said: Is that what I need to do to rank in Google’s pages? A daily grind on social media platforms?

Traffic from social media is awesome and free, but website content remains the king.

Google will index your website content and rank the posts and pages within depending on your content and the relevancy of the content to the topic.

Social media is a great way to kick start your website into gear by getting a few social signals to it when starting your website or perhaps when writing new content.

I am most interested in having my actual content on my website rank within Google, Bing and Yahoo rather than only relying on social media to get me there. It is because the whole world now becomes your audience – year in and year out.

SEO Scrabble

This is where the word SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. Without overthinking it, it is simply making things easy for Google to index – and to read your content. You do this by giving meaningful headings and titles to your content, give a description of what it is you are writing about (META Description) and creating Alternative texts for your images so that Google know what it is about. That is the basics of it!

Keyword research can lay the foundation to your content, but it can also break your website if that is your focus throughout. Please do not stuff your pages with keywords that you are trying to rank for and fit into your article somewhere. This will make things awkward, less understandable to your audience and to Google.

There are lots more to say about free traffic, but this should give you the essence of it.

The key I want to bring across with free traffic is that it needs time. But also effort and dedication. Those are the things necessary for you to generate free traffic.

I belong to a great community called Wealthy Affiliate that teaches you step-by-step on how to rank your website in Google for free. It is also free to sign-up.

To be successful and avoid all the scams and pitfalls, it is best to learn from those that achieved success.

Paid Website Advertising – Is It Worth My Money?

Paid Advertising

The second method of promoting your website in Google is via paid advertising. We only touched on free advertising above but you can also do paid advertising online and offline. Promoting your website online all falls under the term online marketing. Online marketing is what generates traffic to your website and gives rankings within the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

You can also advertise your website in the traditional way through adverts in newspapers, magazines, radio and television Although this can bring good traffic to your website, it won’t necessarily give you rankings within Google’s result pages. I am only mentioning it as this can also bring quick, targeted traffic to your website.

Let’s face it: One of the reasons (perhaps not the only reason) you want to rank in Google is to receive traffic to your website and paid advertising can be an effective means to do so.

There are many platforms you can pay for advertising your website. You can advertise through Google Ads, Facebook and Twitter to mention a few. There are also online classifieds to consider.

The top part of Google’s search results is dedicated to paid advertisers and you can see the word ‘Ad’ in front of their website address. This is also where you can pay for advertisements on YouTube videos. It allows you to set a budget and analyze the traffic you generate through your ads.

Paid advertising is for more advanced users. So if you are new to online marketing, I recommend you start promoting your website using free methods.

When you have a business, you will need to invest some money into the business for it to grow. Advertising is one such investment for most businesses and makes logic sense.

So for paid advertising you need money and sound knowledge of how advertising works.

But is it worth the money or should you rather stick with free traffic? Paid traffic is definitely worth the money if you know what you are doing. You need to weigh your options and the next section may give you an idea of the direction you would like to go.

There are books written on each of the topics I just touched on and I won’t be able to cover it all in depth, but I will briefly give you a few tips on what not to do which may be more value to start with a bit further on.

Paid Advertising VS Free Traffic

There are positive and negative points for both types of advertising.

Paid advertising can bring in traffic quick and it is easy to reach your target audience. The downside is that it can be costly and a bit more demanding.

Free traffic is just that – it is free. You can reap the benefits of a good SEO campaign for a long time to come. The downside to free traffic is that it can take time especially in the beginning and you can also waste a lot of time if it is not planned properly.

You will need consistency in any event.

Depending on your budget, you can even decide to do both. Reaching the top of the result pages can be hard work. Therefore, it is beneficial to know what is worth doing and what is not. Time is precious in my books. The only thing that cannot be bought or given back.

Generating Traffic –  Do’s And Don’ts

Do's And Don'ts

If you want traffic month in and month out, then you will need a website. This is essential for making consistent sales and getting returning customers. (That is if that is the purpose of your website and the need to rank in Google) Having a website is a good start. If you are just getting started, you can read my article: How To Build A Website Using WordPress and score two free, dummy proof websites.

1.) Please do:

  • Have a website
  • Write good content
  • Be helpful

2.) Please don’t:

  • Do keyword stuffing
  • Write content for the sole purpose of ranking in the SERPs
  • Have shoddy content
  • Build back links for the sake of having back links

One of the major factors that Google also take in account are back links. This is when another website contains a link on their website to yours. What Google is looking for are back links that comes from a website with authority and in the same niche as your website. Those are valuable and it gives your website authority.

These links are best when they are naturally formed through a social share perhaps or a participating in some forums and more. I am therefore against link exchange networks for the sake of building back links. If you stay above board, you have nothing to fear when a new Google algorithm surfaces but you have everything to lose if you don’t.

When your website is brand new, it does not have any trust with Google, but as your content grows and as time goes by, your website builds trust. It may take Google 4 days to a month to index your new website and new content you write, but once trust is built, your article can be indexed the same day or the next day still.

So make your website easy to read for your audience and it should be easy for Google to understand your content too with just a bit of added SEO to help the bot along.

In closing, let me give you the overall conclusion:


There are many different platforms you can promote your website on for both paid traffic and free traffic. You can also do both if time and money allows it. There is no secret, loophole or magic button for you to rank in the SERPs. It is simply effort in both research and content.

If you really want to know what it takes to to rank on the first page of Google; then learn from the people that are successful in doing just that over at Wealthy Affiliate.

Click the following link for my Wealthy Affiliate Review. <<==

I hope to see your website soar in the search engines soon!

If you have any questions at all, please leave me a comment below and I will do my best to assist you.



12 thoughts on “How To Promote My Website On Google For Free”

  1. You have great advice here on how to make your website rank in Google.

    As you say, for anyone just starting out it is far better to concentrate on free traffic at first, until you really know what you are doing. And as you recommend, the best way to learn exactly how to do all these things in the correct way is to join Wealthy Affiliate and go through the brilliant training to be found there. So many successful Online marketers have learnt all they know from the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and if you implement what you learn there you really cannot go wrong!

    Thank you so much for your information.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hi Chrissie,

      Your feedback is much appreciated. 

      I am happy to see that you are in agreement with me in regards to the promotion of your website.

      I am personally so glad that generating free traffic is the easiest to start with and not the other way around. Who does not love free traffic! 

      Take care and all the best to you.


  2. Thank you for this article, I was talking to someone about this earlier, asking how I can promote my website, he was yet to reply. This has given me some knowledge about what I was asking for , Now I know how to get free traffic to my website. Thank you for writing this. Will continue to study it. 

    • Hi Sandra,

      I am so glad that you have found this article helpful.

      There simply is no secret sauce or a magic button you press to rank in the SERPS. It simply takes work, the know-how of doing things correctly and time.

      I would say that the secret in it all is YOU!

      Please feel free to let me know if have some questions and I will assist you.

      All the best in your success and studies.


  3. Hi John,

    Thanks a lot for this informative post. I agree that SEO is probably the best way to promote one’s site. It places content creation in your hands, and you firmly in the driver’s seat. Plus, it’s a good way to get started in online marketing if you’re inexperienced and need to build experience. It’s best to get one’s learning mistakes out of the way early in the process when the consequences are less serious. 

    Your coverage of each aspect of marketing one’s site is extremely clear and helpful, even for a semi-newbie like myself. Your explanation of engaging through Facebook and your contrasting of it with Pinterest I found extremely helpful.

    Thanks again, and all the best,


    • Hi Norman,

      Thank you for the post and wishes. I am so glad that you found my article helpful.

      I have learned so much from the community at Wealthy Affiliate and avoided many pitfalls by gaining insight from their experience. 

      All the best to you too.


  4. Hey John,

    It is great to read on how to promote a website on Google, Yahoo and being, and social media as well. A clear picture od free and paid advertising gives a perspective of when and how to do it. 

    I am considering myself new. I have not thought of paying for ad now but maybe in future.

    Content ranking is the most important factor. The thorough research and write that engages the audience and building trust as a starter is a huge amount of work. 

    How to comprehend a good keyword is vital which begins the SEO part. I like you emphasizing on internal and external links. I have heard about exchange links. But really I am not very clear. 

    The training at WA is unparalleled and the interaction with the community and the help you get is awesome. There are so many Google page 1 owner, you feel like you are or will be there. 

    • Hi Anusuya,

      Thank you for your comment. 

      I fully agree. The Wealthy Affiliate community is always there to help and if you add the main ingredient, which is You, then you will indeed enjoy success as an online marketer.

      Thank you again and all the best to your success!


  5. Thank you for a very informative article. I agree that social media promotion, mainly Facebook in my case, is a short term proposition.I make short posts on Facebook linking to my website but after the initial views they tend to go away.The same for posts that I boost. Google,Yahoo and Bing provide long lasting visibility.So I am now concentrating on improving my content.I would like to know if Google only considers recent posts to my website.Do they discard older articles? You emphasize that Meta Descriptions are important. I thought that Google automatically ad these descriptions.How should I edit these descriptions? The same applies to alternative texts for my images.At this time I am only using free images that I download from various internet sites.I was not aware that they include texts.Finally, would paid advertising of my website  automatically provide contact names for an E-Mailing list or do I have to include a landing page.As you can see I am new to Affiliate Marketing and many of my questions may be basic.I think I will check out Wealthy Affiliate as you recommend.

    • Hi Carlos,

      There are some good questions in your post that I am sure will answer many other startup online marketer’s questions. Thank you for that.

      Content really is king. When writing naturally about your topic it eliminates keyword stuffing that Google really does not like. Keyword stuffing is not necessarily just adding a bunch of keywords you want to rank for in the search engines, but many articles I came across contain sentences that just doesn’t make sense because a keyword was forced in that sentence for the sole purpose to try and rank for it.

      Google picks up these inconsistencies and your standing in the search engine result pages will suffer. It also makes your content awkward and hard to read. This in turn chases the reader away because of the poor quality of content. So you really want to write for your audience to gain returning customers and keep Google happy at the same time. It will also result in people sharing your content that in turn gives you natural backlinks to your site that can be valuable.

      Google wants to see fresh content, it shows that the website is active and current and will increase trust to your website. This will also allow you to get indexed quicker for new content that you write. Google does not discard old content and I for one will simply keep my old content and not delete it. I would possibly update posts that has got new information if need be. You can always improve on your content. 

      With that said, you can request Google to remove old content from their index, but it will take time for it to finally disappear. Normally this will rather be done for a static website than a dynamic one.

      Google does not automatically add META data. META data like the META title helps Google to understand your content better. The Alt tag for images was intended for visually impaired computer users to understand what the images are all about. This also gives Google a better understanding of the images in your content. When you Google a topic and click on the Images tab; it will show all the images with Alt tags found related to your topic. I also see this as yet another opportunity to get your website noticed.

      A quick word on the META title: It is not the same as your article’s heading. I still recommend having your keyword in there, but it does not have to be the same as your title. This will be; however, displayed in the search engine results. The META description will be the snippet showing below your listing that in Google’s search results. So you can make that captivating and to the point as it will be visible in the search results.

      Now to edit the META data for your content is pretty simple within WordPress: Simply download an SEO plugin like Yoast or All-in-one SEO. Once installed, activated and some basic setup, you simply scroll to the bottom of the page and you find it there.

      When adding an image, you click on media and upload or choose the image you want to use. On the right hand side of the image you will be able to insert the Alt tag. Or if the image is already added to the page, simply edit the post and click on the image. On the right hand side of the page you will be able to add the Alt tag.

      Paid advertising will not automatically create a contact list for you nor landing pages. It will simply put your website at the top of the search results which is reserved for paid advertisement. So Google will put your website in front of the competition so to speak, if you pay them for placement of certain keywords you choose to rank for. This of course depends on your bid on the keyword.

      What you will need to do is to sign up with an auto e-mail responder like Mail Chimp, Aweber or Get Response. This will allow you to setup a form on your website where users can sign-up for a newsletter or something you are offering. This list of contacts that supply their details to you will then be automatically captured in a list for you to correspond to again if needed. 

      The point is, you will still need to drive traffic to that page and it all starts with a website.

      I could have been more to the point perhaps, but I will feel happy if at least I helped out on some burning questions.

      Thank you again, Carlos. Those were great questions.

      All the best and success to you. I would love for you to come and have a look at what the community at Wealthy Affiliate is all about.



      PS: Please feel free to ask me should there be something else you would like to know or anything regarding my answer that is not clear.

  6. Hi John –

    You have some very valid points here! As someone that has been really getting my feet wet in the past year with SEO, I have really noticed how the content and quality pays big dividends with a little patience.

    My experience as an article writer, blogger, content marketer in the past year has showed me how obtaining natural links via excellent posts is what I like to shoot for.

    Good stuff…thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Brad,

      Thank you for the comment!
      It is such a pleasure to hear from others experience as well and the success others get with great content. I am sure it will also inspire those that just started their online marketing journey that are unsure of what they need to do.

      I wish you all the success with your articles and blogs.

      Kind regards,


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