Laptop with marketing steps outlined on the screen

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing For Free – Start Today

Laptop with marketing steps outlined on the screen
How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing For Free

So many search for How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free once they realize it is the best way of making money online but, more often than not fall victim to scams or finding affiliate marketing courses that cost a bundle.

In this article I will give you a comprehensive guide on how to get started, the training you will need along with the proper support to help you reach your goals.

It took me years to sift through all the bad information on the Internet until I finally found Wealthy Affiliate where I have learned the proper way to do affiliate marketing.

Best of all: It is absolutely free to join!

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing For Free

I will give a brief breakdown of Wealthy Affiliate here but if you want a more comprehensive review, then please read my Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Sign Up Box

Wealthy Affiliate is more than a learning platform, it is an affiliate marketing community. 

Apart from the fantastic training, you get access to the best keyword tool on the Internet, fast and friendly support 24/7, two free websites, live chat and more.

Not only will you learn how to do affiliate marketing but you will learn how to excel in it. 

Because of the overwhelming support and networking with fellow affiliate marketers just like you and the fact that you can sign-up for free without a credit card makes this my top recommendation for anyone wanting to learn about affiliate marketing online for free.

If you want to start your free affiliate marketing training then:

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing? ❓

If you landed on this page, I am pretty sure you have an idea of what affiliate marketing is. 

But for the sake of completeness and in simple terms: You promote products of any company that offers you a comission for sales from your website. That means that you are an affiliate for that company helping that company sell more of their product and in return they will pay you.

With the Internet available to most people, you can promote millions of products world wide. This is a tremendous opportunity to then work from anywhere and anytime in the world. 

Not just that: You can earn money while you sleep and without trading hours for money.

Here is an illustration of how affiliate marketing works:

How affiliate marketing works illustration

That is it! A simple 4 step process to make money online.

Can Anyone Do Affiliate Marketing? 💹

The short answer is: Yes!

The  concept of Affiliate Marketing is much simpler than you think. There really is nothing a six – or seven figure income blogger can do that you cannot do.

Is this to say that there is not much to learn and that I can make money overnight? The answer is: No

Affiliate Marketing requires work and training. There are lots to learn!

Somehow we have been influenced by so many scams and false advertising that we believe without a doubt that there is this secret or a button you press and then you will make money online overnight. 

Yet, in the real world, we go to school for many years, go to university for many years and then hope to land a good job.

There is no such thing as easy, fast, quick or overnight money unless you are in gun smuggling or drugs. At least nothing quick that gives you a stable income anyway.

So many affiliate marketers fail simply because they quit. In other words: The only unsuccessful affiliate marketer is the one that quit, the rest are all successful.

Therefore, anyone can do it, but it requires the willingness to learn and educate yourself, determination and effort.

What Tools Do I need To Do Affiliate Marketing? 🛠

Firstly you will need to decide on a niche. This is simply a piece of a market that you are intrrested in promoting and it should not be a broad topic. 

So if you are into all kinds of bags, you can perhaps concentrate on only handbags or go even more focused and concentrate on authentic luxury designer handbags.

Now that you have decided on a niche, you need to have a way of promoting the product and therefore your all important firts tool: 

The first tool you will need is a website. The reason for this is so that you have a central place where you drive all your traffic to. This is an absolute requirement if you want to make money consistantly.

This will usually imply making use of a hosting company. (Get free hosting at Wealthy Affiliate when start)

The aim is to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines like Bing.

Can you use only social media to promote products? Yes you can, but it is far better to use social media to drive traffic to your website than only promote your product directly on social media. It is like rowing with only one oar.

Should you land on Google’s first page for a product review (as example), you have the potential to consistantly and more effectively make sales year in and year out.

Since the aim is to get on the first page of the search engines, you will need a tool to find what people are searching for around your niche, the amount of traffic it will generate your site when found on the search engines and what the competition is for that search.

The search terms are called keywords.

The second tool you will need then is a keyword research tool

Without any keyword research, chances are very good that you will not rank in the popular search engines. It is therefore an essential component in your marketing efforts.

Signing up for free with Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with free hosting, two free websites and the use of an awesome keyword research tool. This is an excellent start.

The third essential tool is good training material to take you through the steps and provide you with the correct information. Knowledge is power and once you understand what is required for your article to climb the ranks in the search engines, things become so much easier.

The community is also essential to help you with questions. People that gone through or is going through the same training can learn from one another. I still learn every day but I also help where I can.

The best part: It is a spam and add free environment. It is a safe place to share and communicate with one another.   

Wealthy Affiliate Level 1 Training

Free, top-notch quality training will also be available.

I still recall when I first joined how eager I was to learn and to get my certification. Better still: To see my first money roll in.

This course is presented in text and video format and will take you from choosing your niche and right through to earning your first money through daily task given to complete.

Click Here And Start To Learn About Affiliate Marketing FREE

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Affiliate Marketing

1. Life is short

The most valuable thing we have on Earth (next to family and health) is time. Without time there is no past or future. 

Everybody wants some of your time. Those that want to sell something to you, those that need your assistance, your boss requires a lot of time, your spouse, your kids, etc.

Let’s say you make a lot of money a month working a full-time job, but it is so demanding that there is no time left for family or to spend the money on a fantastic, dream vacation. Then what is the point of all the money?

If; however, you are able to manage your time and prioritize the important things in your life and make time for that first, then life is sweet!

You only have one life and it will be sad if you leave this Earth still working on that one magical holiday away with the kids or going to see aunt Rose in the foreign country she moved to all those years ago.

So, yes. Money is important. It is as important as breathing oxygen and yet it is not woth giving up everything else to get more money. Time well spent with loved ones are far better than working 24/7 to pay for your lifestyle.

Affiliate marketing can provide you the freedom and time you need.

2. Your Job Is A Chore

Some people actually love their job. It is those people that chased their dream and started a band or became the next Oprah Winfrey with a killer talk show or something similar. Perhaps you are a best selling author or a famous Hollywood screenplay writer and that is great.

Then there are the other 90%. They work because they have to. There used to be a plan, it fell apart and now any job will do. The dream has sailed off on a boat with your treasure to some unknown location that will never be found. Now you work to keep a roof over your head and to keep your tummy full.

For those that feel like that and lost hope for the future. Here is some good news.

If you can type, then you can make money online. You do not need to be a writer. Simply tell someone else about some product as you would a friend and you are all good to go.

Affiliate Marketing can have you do Christmas shopping in November during the day when everyone else are still working. Some may not even have leave days during Christmas time. 

Well, somebody needs to work during that time, right? How else am I going to enjoy my Starbucks coffee or Texan steak.

I am from South Africa so the way things work in America is only left to what I see in the movies.

But we have people that work straight through December where I live and many shops will be open 7 days a week and some 24/7 which is crazy.

You can set your working hours with Affiliate Marketing.

3. Honk If You Love Rush Hour and Comment Below If You Don’t 🙂 🚗

We have established that time is very valuable. Imagine how much time you waste in your lifetime sitting in traffic?

Now that can be 77 days or more of bumper to bumper traffic in a year for the Americans living in Los Angeles and here in Johannesburg it can be about 46. It all depends on how long your commute to work and back is.

So if you have a 90- minute commute each day, you will spend 30 days in traffic. That is more than most people’s leave days in a year.

Personally I would want to spend my time differently.

Imagine that you sit on average 30 days a year in traffic so that you can go to work, build someone else’s dream, to pay your taxes, eat and get the children through school.

It is like renting an appartment rather than buying your own home. The one is an asset and the other a liability where you pay someone else’s morgage.

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing For Free is now in your grasp and no longer a question you need to ask. It is worth learning the skills and totally possible for you to do by simply making that decision.

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Conclusion 🤷‍♂️

To recap:

ANYONE can do Affiliate Marketing period. Time is precious – don’t waste it!

There are four steps to making money online:

  1. Choose an interest (This can be anything you want)
  2. Build a website (Wealthy Affiliate makes this super easy)
  3. Get rankings and visitors (Google, Facebook, Bing etc.)
  4. Earn revenue by selling stuff people want or need

To me it makes sense to start a business online and reach millions of people and be able to work from anywhere.

But we all think differently and I would love to hear from you about your experience with Affiliate Marketing or reasons why you may think it is not worth it.

If previously the cost of staring an online business was a factor or the fear of creating a website created an obsticle for you to take the plunge or you have been lied to before, then this is your opportunity to learn about affiliate marketing for free with no obligation, starting with a free website and having a community of marketers to help you.

So Click Here And Start To Learn About Affiliate Marketing For Free

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