How To Create A Website For Free In 8 Steps

Call me stingy, but I reached a point where I was not willing to pay for hosting until I could make some money online. So I set on a journey of creating a website for free.

I have tried Wix, WordPress, Blogger and Weebly. I have not tried Squarespace yet but all of them have their drawbacks and none is totally free or at least not meeting my needs at the free option.

I was determined to create my website for free and I finally found what I was looking for.


How To Create A Website For Free?

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Free Gift

Before answering this question, it may be a good idea to briefly go over the reason why I say the above platforms are still hitting my pocket for my needs.

Is Free Really Free?

First of all, it is important to have an SSL certificate, since it creates more trust with Google and even preventing Google from warning readers that your site is not safe.

To have your site using HTTPS (secured = safe) instead of HTTP (unsecured = unsafe), you normally have to pay for such a certificate.

This is also true even when you create a free WordPress website the conventional way.

Creating a website for free on Wix does supply a free SSL certificate but the site builder is very limited in terms of what you can use and there will be Wix advertising on your website.

It will cost you at least $11 a month if you want to host your own domain (getting rid of the advertising and get some storage space) and that is apart from your yearly domain fee.

You will also pay a monthly fee per e-mail address you create on top of that and you look at $20 per month if you want to host an e-commerce store on Wix.

Somewhere there will be a cost involved even if only for obtaining an SSL certificate which is important. Or there will be some limitation to what you can do that will end up being very frustrating.

Now I am very happy to say that I have created my website for free in less than 30 seconds!

So I Got My Website For Free, But How Is The Support? Crappy I Bet!

I am sorry to disappoint you, but the service and support is excellent! The ease of use is par none.

What do I get?

  1. Free Websites
  2. A totally free SSL certificate
  3. Free hosting
  4. They are making use of the WordPress platform
  5. Site Speed Optimization
  6. Spam Protection
  7. Instant site health check
  8. See which of your pages are indexed in Google
  9. Instant Page Speed Insights

What? Creating a website for free! Crazy-right? 

What Is The Catch?

The catch…hmm. Let me think:

  1. The free website is a sub domain on but I do not see the problem. In fact, you almost get instantly indexed by Google where normally you have to wait 5 days to a month or more for any other domain to be indexed?
  2. You can definitely rank in the search engines and make sales with a domain, but (the catch) you won’t rank as easily as a .com or .org domain as example
  3. There can be no email setup on a free domain.
  4. The hope for you to become a premium member.
  5. You can only host a paid domain name on the website builder if you are a premium member

Before I explain what a premium member is and why one would even consider this, watch the video below that will show you exactly how to create a website for free in just 4 steps. No strings attached:

Wealthy Affiliate - Create A Free Website Video
Create a website for free video

Let me outline the steps for you from the beginning:

How to Create A Website For Free

Step 1:

You sign up at Wealthy Affiliate totally free with no credit card needed. Clicking on the highlighted >> Wealthy Affiliate link <<, you will be taken to more information as to what Wealthy Affiliate is and the option to sign up for free if you want.

Step 2:

Wealthy Affiliate Login Page
Wealthy Affiliate Login

Sign into your Wealthy Affiliate account if you have not done so yet.

Step 3

Click on Websites in the left margin menu

Wealthy Affiliate site builder menu
Site Builder Menu

Step 4:

Click on Site Builder and then On A Free Domain

Wealthy Affiliate  - Create A Website Options

Step 5:

Choose a domain name

Wealthy Affiliate - Choose a domain name option

Step 6:

Choose a name for your website (The title of your website)

Wealthy Affiliate - Choose a website title

Step 7:

Select any of the first 12 free themes.

Wealthy Affiliate - Choose a website design

Step 8:

Click on Click Here To Build This Site

Building a website for free - button
Click Here to Create Your Free Site

What is a Premium Wealthy Affiliate Member

Wealthy Affiliate is a training academy that teaches you how to do online marketing and rank on the first page of Google the right way.

When you sign up for free, you have access to the first training course and access to some of the tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate in order to practically apply the lessons.

Becoming a premium member you have full access to the live training, more tools, live chat, in depth training, more tools and better functionality of certain tools and more.

The website builder providing the free websites is one of these tools.

Other tools include:

Keyboard with Give And Take buttons
  1. Jaaxy – Jaaxy is a proprietary keyword research tool
  2. Site Feedback – A pay-it-forward system of giving and receiving site feedback
  3. Site Comments – A pay-it-forward system of giving and receiving site comments
  4. Site Content – Setting up templates with a powerful grammar and spell checker along with an on page SEO tracker

You can read a bit more about Wealthy Affiliate here: Wealthy Affiliate


I have stretched out the steps as much as I could. So to build my website for free took me less than 8 steps.

There is no mess, no fuss, no paying for hosting, no paying for an SSL certificate – there is simply no payment done.

If the complication of creating a website yourself stopped you from creating an awesome presence – or business online, then this is precisely for you.

You landed on this page and wanted to create a website for free.

Now that you can with no cost at all: Is there one reason you can think of not to?

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions and I will certainly do my best to answer you as soon as possible.

How to create a website for free is quick and simple: Just click the button below and you are ready to go.


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