My Dream – Work To Live Free

Work to live free has been something I aspired to since I was a young man.

There were times in my life where I struggled to find a decent job and those I found, I hated. Most involved physical labor for little pay and working 6 to 7 days a week.

I have studied hard and had a clear vision of what I wanted to do in life including the career path I wanted to take, but life had other plans where I graduated at a less favourable time in my country and jobs were hard to come by.

This is where you start doing any job out of desperation and before you know it, your studies are forgotten.

One day I was browsing the Internet in search of working from home opportunities with the idea to turn it into a fulltime income. This is where I first saw words like: SEO, Affiliate Marketing, CPA Offers and so forth.

This really got me excited once I saw the potential of earning a real income from home. So I Googled till the early mornings each day to learn more on how to start my own online business from home and this is where I fell for every scam known to man! This really made me angry; since I know there are successful marketers out there but I just cannot seem to get the correct information from them.

I knew you need to get traffic to the site you are promoting your product on. But how? SEO is the answer right? But how to do SEO? So you Google and you get all the wrong answers. You Google then ‘how to get traffic’ and you end up with a tutorial on building a Facebook Fan Page or a one button traffic generating solution.

Not to mention the programs offered that promises tons of money – but you only need to send traffic to this offer. OK – so how do I get traffic? This is how I went in circles for years: Trying to find the secret for ranking on the first page of Google.

I decided to dedicate this website to those seeking answers to the same questions I had just without the deceit. To save you the scams and the troubles I had for doing something that is actually easy and simple to do.

How To Work From Home – Free?

So How To Work From Home For Free? That was my ultimate question and it finally lead me to Wealthy Affiliate that finally provided me with the answers and equipped me with the knowledge to finally work on my dream.

You can actually have a free website and generate organic traffic to that site without spending a dime (I talk about free traffic here: How To Promote My Website On Google For Free) but that is really hard work and not that effective; since a paid domain simply performs better online.

Paying for hosting and having a paid domain is something I will recommend you do as I have learned myself.

My hope for you is that you find the answers you were looking for here. If not, please drop me a message.