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About Work To Live Free

Hello fellow marketers!

I started Work To Live Free to help other like-minded individuals to get the correct information regarding online marketing and Affiliate Marketing specific.

I found it frustrating when I first started to try and find some good information on the topic and had to wade through a lot of bad information before I finally got to the bottom of all this.

What Did I Learn?

I have learned so many things regarding SEO, business models, sales funnels, and I am still learning.

The most important thing I learned is that there is no secret, no one-touch button that does the marketing for you.

There are; however, tools to make your life easier, but be careful in the tools you invest in.

Also: The tool will not generate traffic for you. It is all your marketing efforts and that Affiliate Marketing is much harder (or takes much more effort) than expected.

But The Gurus Are Selling Products On Launch Day Already - How Do They Do It?

They already have a funnel set up and most likely do paid advertising or news releases.

You see: A news release will most likely be on the first page of Google.

But even with paid advertising: It is a learning curb and it may have taken them quite a while to master the ropes.

You are not just going to be successful overnight. In saying that, you can make some sales (perhaps profit) in your first month provided you have the right information and did the work.

There are some that are doing this for years and built out their website with many many reviews. They also stay active on their website. This may bring good results and fast indexing in Google when they do promote something on their website.

Some do video posts to YouTube every single day and build a following.

Some may have a big email list with a targeted audience that is ready to buy.

Others may have all the above, which will generate insane amounts of traffic to their offer.

So Where To Start?

Invest in your education, focus, do not watch too many webinars, because they are designed for you to buy their offer.

Instead, take action and simply start.

Here is my suggestion: Getting Started

Work To Live Free's Promise

To be honest and transparent. Giving you the best advice possible.

To present you with reviews (if any) of worthwhile products.

To provide accurate information to the best of our ability.

In Closing

Each one of our journeys is different and our interests are different too.

It is best to find your motivation.

All the best of success in your journey!

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