The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review 2019

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Before even staring to write content, you will need to do some keywords research to maximize the reach of your content to your audience. This can be a very time-consuming job especially if you are not using a decent keywords research tool.

Some keywords you may never rank for but with good quality content and finding the low competition keywords through Jaaxy will guarantee your ranking keywords (identified by Jaaxy) to be on the first two pages of Google.

In my Jaaxy review, I will walk you through all the features and show you why the Jaaxy keywords research tool is one of the best if not the best keyword tool out there.

The effective use of keywords can make a huge difference in traffic your business receives. The Jaaxy keyword tool makes keywords research simple and easy; eliminating the guess work.

My Verdict – Highly Recommended

Jaaxy Logo

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool

by John Zeeman

Price: Free, $49/m (Pro) OR $99/m (Enterprise)

Value For Money


The quick and easy way to find valuable keywords.


Table Of Contents:

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Jaaxy Review 2019 – Overview

I will take you through Jaaxy’s features and clarify the search results presented to you, how to read and analyze the results and how to use the results in finding that diamond in the rough.

We will look at Jaaxy’s pricing as well as the FREE keywords search option that I will share with you below. It is so that you can see the power of Jaaxy’s without spending a dime. Yes, you can get behind the wheel of this powerful keywords research tool and take it for a spin for FREE.

You could even end up with a killer keyword that brings you massive traffic with less effort and all for free.

I am convinced that after reading my Jaaxy review, you will be well-informed of all that Jaaxy’s has to offer so that you can make an educated and informed decision whether this is the keywords research tool for you or not.

What Jaaxy is

Jaaxy is an online keyword analysis tool that does all the heavy lifting for you in finding the best keywords you can rank for in your niche.

Jaaxy neatly spits out all the essential results in columns that are easy to read and understand. There are no extra fluff included to confuse you. That is one of the things I like about Jaaxy: It is so user-friendly that even a beginner can start using Jaaxy right away.

So if you regularly write content for your Blog or website, then Jaaxy is a must for finding the best keywords in record time.

Why Jaaxy?

There are many keywords research tools out there that you can use and I have used many in the past like the Keyword Explorer tool from Moz that replaced the Keyword Difficulty Tool, SEM Rush and others. It is quite expensive using these SEO tools

Some have a steep learning curb and you can lose focus going through all the features.

For me it should be simple: I want to know my exact competition, average traffic and my chances to rank on the first spot for that keyword. That is what I need to know, but Jaaxy can deliver much more than that. (I will address Jaaxy’s features a bit later)

Why not just use the Google Keyword Planner? It is straight from Google itself!

We all used Google’s Keyword Planner until it actually became a tool that goes more hand-in-hand with Google Ads. It now has got watered down stats unless you are paying for advertising. Plus: the competition stats makes more sense for paid traffic than organic searches.

As you can see above, Google’s Keyword Planner is not that helpful. Once you pay for advertising, you will have better stats available to you.

Jaaxy gets its data straight from Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is fast, reliable and accurate. Jaaxy is trusted by many online marketers across the globe.

See the same search term for Jaaxy below:

The words in bold, is my search term I entered. Below the search term Jaaxy finds great long tail keywords for you in a flash with stats I can actually use. That is right – You still need to do some work using these stats to find the best keyword for you. Imagine everyone was served the exact same excellent keywords. It would then simply be useless.

Can I try Jaaxy right now?

Yes, Jaaxy has a FREE option!

Simply give it a try below:

Jaaxy Review 2019 – The Keyword Research Tool

With the introductions behind us. Let me take your through the meat and potatoes of the Jaaxy keywords research tool.

Kick back, relax and enjoy my Jaaxy review!

What Jaaxy Is For

  • Niche research
  • Find site ranking – Check your ranking of your site for a particular keyword or niche.
  • Auto tracking of your keyword rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Analyzing the competition
  • Finding low competition keywords with high traffic.
  • To improve search engines rankings
  • Automatically making use of the Google Alphabet Soup technique.
  • Brainstorming for new keyword ideas from Google Trends, Amazon best-sellers and more.
  • Determining the amount of traffic you can expect for the keyword.
  • To ultimately obtain the edge on your competition for a particular niche
  • Easily see the availability of a domain name within your niche.

Who Is Behind This Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy was co-founded by Kyle and Carson. They are also the owners and co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy was born from their extensive online marketing knowledge and the only free organic traffic generator tool so to speak.

If Jaaxy is good enough for Kyle and Carson and giving them amazing results time and again, then it must be a pretty accurate and helpful keywords research tool.

Who is this for?

  • Bloggers
  • Online marketers
  • Anyone selling a product
  • Anyone that wants to rank on the first page of the search engines for a niche.
  • Affiliate marketers
  • YouTube marketers
  • SEO companies
  • Local businesses
  • Companies wanting to know who their competition is.

Basically, if you have an online website and you want people to see your content, product/s, training or anything you have to offer: Then you will need a tool like Jaaxy.

What Kind Of Support And Training Is Available?

There is nothing so irritating as when you need support on a product and it takes forever to get a response. In the end you feel like a number and hastily move on to the next best thing.

I am happy to say that Jaaxy’s support team is prompt, friendly and reliable.

What about Jaaxy’s training?

Wealthy Affiliate, owned by Kyle and Carson, is a training academy at its core and therefore it will come as no surprise that Jaaxy’s training is also top-notch. They always deliver thorough and excellent training.

Jaaxy’s design makes it so easy to just dive right in and mine excellent keywords in no time that combined with the excellent training, you will be a Jaaxy’s keywords research tool master before you can say: Keyword.

What are Jaaxy’s Pros?

Jaaxy has a lot of cool features but let me list some positives that I like:

  • A user-friendly Interface
  • FREE TRIAL offering 30 searches
  • Site Rank tracker
  • Virtually no learning curb
  • No software to download
  • Fast results
  • It provides only the needed valuable information
  • Very accurate
  • Being mobile friendly, you can use it on your tablet or smartphone
  • You will know the true number of competing pages
  • It shows the traffic you can expect when ranking first.
  • Excellent in finding good keywords with high traffic and low competition.
  • The support is quick and reliable
  • Ideal for online marketers
  • Pulls the data directly from Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Great training material available.
  • You can group and save your keyword lists
  • Easily find affiliate programs for your niche
  • Domain name flipping made easy

What are its cons

Even though Jaaxy is an awesome keyword tool, no tool is perfect and can always be improved upon.

Having said that, the Jaaxy’s technical team always seeks to improve and update Jaaxy features which is great.

Let’s review a few of Jaaxy’s cons:

  • The Enterprise Edition is a bit pricey
  • It is only available in English
  • There is no option to choose between local or global searches.

How much does it cost?

As of this writing, the pricing is as follows:

Jaaxy Pricing

Starter Plan – $0

This is an excellent opportunity to evaluate Jaaxy to see if it meets your needs and if it is something you would be willing to pay for.

The Jaaxy’s starter plan will offer you 30 searches in total a month.

Pro Plan – $49/month

The pro plan is ideal for new online marketers but the pro’s can definitely benefit from this package as well.

Jaaxy’s pro plan is faster, can have two search tabs and includes auto tracking of your keywords in the search engines.

In fact, the pro plan includes everything you need but the KQI and the domain search you still have to manually click on. We will get to all these abbreviations and what they do a bit later.

If you need to work on loads of websites at the same time, then the Enterprise Plan will be better suited for you.

Enterprise Plan – $99/month

The Enterprise Plan is for the power user that needs speed and keywords research automation.

  • It is faster than the Pro Plan
  • Automatically populate the available domains, KQI, QSR and SEO stats.
  • It allows for 50 search results when using the Alphabet Soup search
  • 5 Keyword search tabs

There is quite a jump in price between the Pro Plan and Enterprise. So if I am honest, my feeling is that the Pro Plan should be just fine for most. Yes, it is a bit slower and a bit less convenient than the Enterprise Plan, but something I can tolerate while saving $50 a month; since the difference is not that major.

How Jaaxy Works

Jaaxy is at heart a keywords research tool that quickly presents you with the most useful information you would need to identify low competition keywords with good traffic.

There are a few things that you will need to understand in order for you to use Jaaxy efficiently:

Here is a quick video I found on YouTube to see Jaaxy in action:

(Jaaxy got a new face lift since the post of this YouTube video.)

Let’s break everything down starting with the Interface:

Jaaxy Interface

Jaaxy search

There is a top menu bar and a sub menu bar just below that. So clicking on the options: Search, Site Rank, Affiliate Program and Jaaxy Help at the top will determine the sub menu options.

You will mostly make use of the Search menu option.

The information presented below the sub menu will also change according to the menu option you chose.

Starting top-left with the first Menu option: Search

Search Menu – Keywords Sub Menu

Jaaxy keywords

The search bar have a drop-down menu on the left to choose between a URL or Phrase search that you are performing. You will mostly use the Phrase option to search for keywords.

Choosing a URL search you can type a URL in the search bar and it will suggest keywords for you for the site.

Another drop-down menu is present at the right of the search bar, called History. Clicking on it will give you a list of your recent keyword searches that may come in handy.

Skipping the obvious Find Keywords button, you will have keyword suggestions related to your search.

Clicking on Brainstorm, next to the related keywords, will give you a list of keywords to brainstorm about. There is no data in there in the beginning, but using the Brainstorm top menu option (discussed later) you add keywords to the Brainstorm Queue and it will be stored in this drop-down list for you to easily do keywords research on them.

Moving on to the result columns from left to right:

Jaaxy free seo keyword tool

This is the list of keywords (derived from your search term) that users type into search engines like Google. So basically it shows what people are searching for in the search engine that are closely related to your search term.

Avg is the average combined searches the keyword receives per month across the most popular search engines: Google, Bing and yahoo.

The lowest estimated traffic you will receive when ranking on Google’s first page.

QSR stands for: Quoted Search Results and indicates the amount of competing websites for that keyword.

The Keyword Quality Indicator shows the quality of the keyword. It will display ‘Great’ in green for a good keyword (A keyword worth writing about), ‘Normal’ in orange for an average keyword and ‘Poor’ in red for a keyword that is not worth writing about.

The SEO score indicates how likely you will be able to get on the first page of Google. The score is out of a 100. The higher the score, the better.

The above indicators will form the basis for you in choosing a good keyword.

You will notice the letter ‘L’ next to a keyword. This means it is a keyword I have saved to my list.

I am going to pause here and talk about:

How To Find The Perfect Keyword Using Jaaxy

Now that you know what the abbreviations stand for and what they are indicating, what do I look for to choose that perfect keyword?

Obviously the KQI should be a green ‘Great’. The average traffic should be above 50 but above 100 is best. The QSR need to be below 200 depending on the authority of your website. A new website may need to go a bit lower than that and established websites can go a bit higher. The SEO as high as possible – In the 90s is obviously awesome.

If the stats align like described above, you have a winning keyword to write about.

Search Menu – Alphabet Soup Sub Menu

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup

As the name suggests, Alphabet Soup takes your keyword and goes through the alphabet to get Google suggested searches for you to get more keyword ideas.

You can then plug these keywords into Jaaxy’s keyword search to find the perfect keyword.

Search Menu – Saved Lists Sub Menu

Clicking on Saved Lists simply shows all the groups of keywords that you have saved. These keyword groups (containing the keywords) can be renamed, deleted and downloaded as a text file or CSV file.

Expanding the groups will reveal the keywords you have saved in that particular group with all the analysis statistics next to it and it is also where you can delete individual keywords.

Search Menu – Search History Sub Menu

This menu will show you a detailed list of past searches you have made in Jaaxy complete with the search type (keywords, search analysis, Alphabet Soup, etc.), details and the date.

Search Menu – Search Analysis Sub Menu

This is the bit where you can spy on your competition: You simply enter your keyword that you have chosen to rank for and see who are ranking on the first page of the search engines for that keyword. You can do this for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Clicking on ‘View Details’ will show you imported information that can assist you on where you need to improve to outrank them.

Search Menu – Affiliate Programs Sub Menu

By simply typing in your awesome, perfect, gold pumping keyword in the search bar in the Affiliate Programs sub menu, Jaaxy will give you a list of related affiliate products offered by ClickBank, Digital River, etc.

Information includes the Offered program name, the website, how much commission is offered and traffic to the site.

Again, Jaaxy just makes things so quick and simple and it is all in one place.

Search Menu – Brainstorm Sub Menu

Jaaxy Brainstorm

The Brainstorm menu will show you feeds from Google trends, Twitter and so forth. You can add your own ideas or take some ideas from the feeds.

This list/queue will then also be available in the Keywords sub menu as explained earlier.

Site Rank Menu – Search & Tracked Rankings Sub Menus

Jaaxy site rank

With Site Rank, you are able to see where your keyword is ranking within the search engines. Simply type in your keyword and URL and Jaaxy will check the ranking for you within Google, Bing and Yahoo.

With the starter plan, Jaaxy will only check to see if the keyword is on the first page of the popular search engines. You will need to upgrade in order to check your keyword rankings up to page 20.

Just below the results of your search, you will have the option to automatically track the keyword’s rank in the interval and search engine of your choice.

If you have selected to track some keywords in the past, you will be able to view the results of these tracked keywords when clicking on the Tracked Rankings sub menu.

Affiliate Programs Menu and Sub Menus

Jaaxy offers an affiliate program where you can get paid for referring people to it. The Affiliate Program menu is where you can get your affiliate links and view your stats (clicks, referrals and sales).

Jaaxy Help Menu

Lastly, there is Jaaxy’s Help. This is where you can get training videos on how to use Jaaxy. It is worth the watch and will give you valuable information and guarantee your success with Jaaxy.

Jaaxy’s Hidden FREE Plan And Bonus

Perhaps not many mentions this, but there is also a Jaaxy’s Light version that is similar to the starter plan, but you have unlimited keyword searches.

Since the creators of Jaaxy also owns an affiliate marketing training academy, called Wealthy Affiliate, you will obtain Jaaxy Lite for free if you become a Premium member.

You can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate for free (which I will always recommend doing first) and if you find it valuable and worth paying for, then you can sign up for a premium member.

You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking HERE

I was mentioning a BONUS?

Yes I was. You will also have access to the following:

Bonus #1: 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords

Bonus #2: Niches, Keywords, Success

Bonus #3: Domain Industry Secrets

These are downloadable PDF documents from within Jaaxy.

Bonus 1 is simply a list of low competition keywords with a high traffic volume that you can take advantage of.

Bonus 2 is a handbook to niche research in minutes.

Bonus 3 shows you how to implement Jaaxy to find valuable domains in a blink of an eye and sell them. (Domain Flipping is the common term) It will show you how and where to sell these domains.

My Opinion & Verdict

Jaaxy excels as a keywords research tool and that is what I would primarily use it for. You cannot compare Jaaxy to Moz, Ahrefs, Link Assistant’s, etc. SEO tools. They have much more detailed competition analyzing tools and reports as well as website auditing tools. These reports can also be scheduled on a regular basis.

The reverse is also true. I simply cannot have the instant results I get with Jaaxy using the likes of Link Assistant (as example) nor quickly gather low competition keywords in a flash. Waiting for results on a scan can be tedious in this case.

If you quickly need to find keywords you can rank for guaranteed, then you need to use Jaaxy. If you are starting out with a new website or you are a beginner in regards to online marketing, then there is nothing better to use for quick results than Jaaxy.

If you are an established company with an established website and need better insights to your competition and website performance, Jaaxy may not be what you need.

My honest opinion is that Jaaxy is an excellent tool with the best keywords research function I have come across. Using Jaaxy gave me results I could never achieve before.

So if you have a website that is dead and simply floating around unnoticed in cyberspace, then why not give Jaaxy a try and get some great keywords for your niche and drive free organic traffic to your site month in and month out.

I honestly think that Jaaxy is an excellent tool to use and invest in.

Your Comments?

I would love to hear from you. Perhaps you have tried Jaaxy and have a different opinion to mine or perhaps you have some unanswered question. Please let me know in the comments below and I will surely respond to any question you may have.


I have spent thousands of dollars in my lifetime on so many marketing tools and training that promised me the world. The training will often show you how to build a Facebook fan or business page or live streams and so forth. Mostly something to do with Fiverr or social networks and occasionally CPA offers in accordance with solo ads.

Some would show you how to do keywords research that will take days to find the one good keyword.

It then come as no surprise that I simply did not get the results I hoped for and all you are is frustrated and feeling deceived with the massive effort you have put in for a short term solution to some traffic and zero website ranking.

Therefore I pledge that I will never recommend something that I feel is a waste of your time. If you have never ranked on the first page of Google, I promise you that this is the foundation to fulfilling that dream. Of course there is more to it than just the perfect keyword for you to rank on Google’s first page, but quite impossible without it as well.

If you looked for the answer, the secret, the magic button to what it is marketers do to rank in the SERPs then I can easily say that there is no magic button (I bought those programs many times over – how stupid) and there is no secret.

The secret is to start with keywords research and identify some keywords in your niche that you can rank for. Understand some basics of SEO, put in the work and effort and reap the rewards.

All the best to you and success you wish for.


Start Ranking Your Content

With The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

Field Agent App Review – Make Money Using Your Phone

Field Agent LogoThe Field Agent app provides a legitimate means for you to make money using only your mobile phone.

It is fun to do and does not take a lot of your time to complete.

I am not affiliated with Field Agent and do not stand anything to gain but share something cool that may help you earn some extra cash like I did.

Have a look at my Field Agent app review below for all the details. If there is anything more you would like to know about Field Agent, simply leave me a comment below and I will gladly respond.

What is Field Agent

Field Agent is a cool little, insights gathering, mobile application which gives you tasks to complete in your area. In return for doing these tasks, you are rewarded in cash!

When you do your shopping and there is a Field Agent task, why not grab the opportunity and earn some cash!

Do not worry, I will show you the ins and out of Field Agent, how the application works along with my experience.

If you are simply interested in my verdict, then here it is:

My Verdict – Legit & Recommended

Field Agent App Review

by John Zeeman

Cost: FREE
Financial Risk: None

Income Potential


It is fun to do. You get paid timeously. It is convenient; since it is an application tight on your phone. It is quick and easy. This is worth a try.


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On Which Platforms Are Field Agent Available?

Android and iPhone mobile devices

Does Field Agent Really Pay?

Yes. You can choose to have the money pay out via Dwolla or direct deposit.

How Much Does Field Agent Pay?

Between $1 and $12 dollars a job.

How long does it take for Field Agent To Pay?

Your money should be available within 48 hours from completing a job.

Who Are Some Of Field Agent’s Clients?

Field Agent’s clientel includes: Coca Cola, Kimberly Clark, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson and more.

Getting Started – Become An Agent!

Step 1. Download and install the latest Field Agent App from here:

Google Play Store          iTune Store

Step 2. Create your login details and complete your profile.

Step 3. From the main navigation menu, click on Find Jobs.

Step 4. Accept a job that you are interested in and complete the job within the time frame and submit your work for approval.

Step 5. Get paid! I am in South Africa and direct deposit is my only option. Other countries will have payment options like Dwolla as well.


It is important to read the terms of use since most of the negative reviews I read was because users did not abide by the rules.

The most common rule that people miss is that you are not allowed to use the same login details on different phones. You need to have an account per phone.

Sometimes couples want to work together and they use the same login details on both phones. This results in your account being terminated as it is not allowed.

Field Agent Jobs – What Can I expect?

If memory serves me correct, my first job was to fill in a quick survey that forms part of your profile makeup. This is beneficial for matching you with the correct jobs.

The jobs themselves are exciting and makes you feel like a true agent! Field Agent jobs will include taking a picture of a specific product on the shelf, do paid surveys, or give feedback on a warm meal you bought at a takeaway restaurant. Doing a Field Agent job is by far the best option.

Field Agent jobs can be selected from the job menu or from a map like Google Maps. In the job-find settings, you can adjust the area via zip code or your location, the distance from your location, the highest paying or closest jobs in your area.

Selecting a Field Agent job, it will outline the task set out for you and the time frame in which you need to complete the task. If you are happy with the selected task, you simply accept it

It is super easy to do. But let me take you through my experience as a field agent:

My 007 Experience With Field Agent

My first job I accepted was at KFC in my local area.

The job appeared under the My Jobs menu with a timer counting down next to it for when I need to finish it. I had 12 hours to do the job if memory serves. Some jobs will only be eligible for 2 hours.

My task was to order a warm meal at KFC and have the meal in the parking lot or inside. The next bit of the task can only be activated once I am there. So you do each bit of the task step-by-step.

KFCIt is a Saturday late morning and I said to the wife: “Let’s have some KFC!” The secret agent in me did not say anything about my mission just in case this does not work out.

If I told her and it didn’t work out; I can already hear: ‘John, you are such a sucker. Have you not researched the company first?’ Lying is futile. My wife is a natural lie detector and I did not read any reviews. I was too exited.

My wife was all in for some KFC. She just loves KFC. That is why I chose this mission instead of the others.

Arriving at KFC, I check the map on the Field Agent map and double checking the address in the task description to make sure I am at the right location.

The instructions then were to order a hot meal. We went in and ordered whatever we liked and I convinced my wife that we should have it there.

After receiving our food, my next instruction was to enjoy the meal which we did and then continued with the task.

Ticking off the previous section of the task, it asks me to fill in the nearest street corner, rate the friendliness, asked if my food was good and at a good temperature and if I was asked for a donation to a charity with my purchase.

The last thing was to snap a good quality picture of my till slip.

That was it! I got paid the next day. R100 which is around $9 at the time.

What Is The Agent Score?

As a new agent you start of with 85 points.

Field Agent Score

The formula to work out the agent score will be:

85 + Completed Jobs – (Accepted – Completed) = Agent Score


85 + Completed Jobs – Denied Jobs = Agent Score

The number of jobs accepted includes the jobs you have not done yet, but have accepted.

The number of jobs completed is the number of all the jobs that you have submitted and got approved for.

The number of jobs denied: This number represents the jobs you have attempted but was denied after submission.

The higher the score, the better. Your score is the qualifying factor for certain jobs. There may also be jobs available on the iPhone that is not available on Android. It is because Android phones come in a big variety of specs and sometimes a job requires a specific picture resolution that is easily determined on an iPhone.

Field Agent Payment – How Much Can I Earn?

Field Agent Cash OutField Agent pays anything from $6 to $12 per job.

Jobs are not that plenty full and depends on Field Agent’s clients requirements.

You can perhaps make $200 to $500 in a year. This is a bit of extra money on the side but not something you can do full time.

You can cash out at anytime by clicking the hamburger menu and hit Cash Out.

>>How To Generate Passive Income Online<<

Who is behind Field Agent?


Rick West

CEO and Co-Founder

Rick has co-founded multiple start-ups, including the Northstar Partnering Group, CORE4 Research, JOYN and most recently Field Agent


Henry Ho

CBDO and Co-Founder of Field Agent

Henry was a founding member of P&G’s Walmart Global Customer Team in 1988 and has worked with Walmart for over 25 years


Kelly Miller

CTO and Co-Founder of Field Agent

Kelly has acquired over 20 years of experience working for Walmart, Monsanto, Southwestern Bell, MasterCard and National Alliance Insurance.


Marc Yount

COO of Field Agen

Marc worked for various CPG and Marketing companies calling on Walmart and the Home Channel.


Fred Coulson

Board of Directors

Fred Coulson is the Founder and Managing Partner of Kansas City-based Five Elms Capital


Ryan Mandl

Board of Directors

Ryan Mandl leads Five Elms Capital’s business development efforts, focusing on companies in technology-enabled services, financial services, marketing services, logistics, and software as a service (SaaS).


Jim Smith

Lead Counsel

Jim Smith has practiced law for over sixteen years focused on Mergers and Acquisitions.

Who is this for?

  • For those that want to make a bit of money on the side.
  • Those that want to make their shopping experience more fun and exciting.

What kind of support is available?

There is a ‘Contact Us’ form that you can fill in with your query on their website.

Being from South Africa, I had a bit of struggle to set up my payment structure. It is because I tried to login from the US website instead of locally.

The support was quick and guided me on the right path in no time.

The support is very good in my opinion.

What are Field Agent’s Pros?

  • It is a fantastic app. Everything you need to do is easily done through the app. Whether it is taking a photo, capturing video or audio and even submitting the job for approval.
  • Jobs are available worldwide.
  • It will be the easiest money you have ever made.
  • Payouts are quick and easy.
  • The app is a free download.

What are its cons

  • Jobs can be scares at times.
  • If you live outside urban areas, you may struggle to find a job. Most jobs are available within a city.

My Opinion & Verdict

Field Agent is probably one of the best applications I came across that you can make money with. It pays well for easy jobs unlike some online survey sites I have tried.

The only real negative for me as that there is not enough jobs available and to really benefit, you will need to stay in a big city.

All-in-all I will recommend the experience to anyone. Even if you just make $5 for an easy job just to say thet you too have made some money online.

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Your Comments?

Please feel free to ask me any question you may have below in the comments and I will respond to your query. It will also be nice to hear from other field agents out there.


If you think that the information was helpful and someone else can benefit from this, please share this post.

All the best,


Toluna Review – Is Toluna A Scam?

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, visit my disclosure page.

Toluna Review – Is Toluna A Scam?

So you are looking for some part time online jobs and came across Toluna and want to find out a bit more. Get comfy and find out what it is all about, if Toluna is legit and how it works in my unbiased Toluna Review:

What is Toluna?

Just what is Toluna?

Toluna is a popular market research company that offers legitimate paid online surveys to anyone over 18 and they have an impressive member base of around 13 million strong from the time of this writing.

Toluna is one of the leading digital market research companies worldwide.

They bring businesses and consumers together in real time to get insights from their customers.

For me and you, they are a survey site that will pay you in real money or vouchers(depending on your choice) for providing those insights to these businesses.

Toluna Survey Login


Toluna Review

by John Zeeman

Income Potential


You can make a little bit of money with Toluna but there are better ways to earn money online.


My Best Recommendation: Wealthy Affiliate

Toluna Rewards

Toluna Rewards

Toluna rewards you for time spent performing tasks in many different ways. 

Rewards include: 

  • Gadgets
  • Getaways 
  • Vouchers for a big selection of online stores 
  • Cash

You are rewarded in points for the tasks that you do. 

Tasks include:

  • Filling out your profile
  • Doing surveys 
  • Doing profile surveys
  • Participating in polls 
  • Survey invites through e-mail

How Do I Earn Money With Toluna

Toluna Surveys:

I have outlined tasks you can do above but let me show you starting with Toluna surveys:

Toluna Survey Centre

Once logged onto your Toluna account, simply hover your mouse over the Surveys dropdown menu item at the top and click on Survey Centre. Your first survey is ready!

In the top-right of your first survey, you will notice a thumbs-up sign which indicates that the survey is recommended for you to do. You can also click on the ‘Load More’ button below the image that will bring up a few more surveys if available.

The Survey Centre is where you will earn most of your points from. It will also indicate the amount of points you can earn in the Survey Centre.

To sum it up: The Survey Centre is where you will find the proper surveys with multiple questions.

Toluna Sponsored Content:

Toluna Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is the second option under the Surveys drop-down menu. It is also known as Quick Votes and are quick single questions for you to answer that will normally award you with 15 points.

Toluna Profile Surveys: 

Toluna Profile Surveys

You have guessed it: Profile surveys is the third option in the Surveys drop-down menu. These are surveys about you, your interests and hobbies. The intention is to setup a good profile for you and match you with the correct surveys.  

If you are interested in getting paid for doing some surveys on Toluna, then I recommend completing your profile surveys. It can get tedious if you do a survey on a topic that simply does not interest you or you have a higher chance of not qualifying for a survey.

As you probably have noticed in the image above: You score 100 points per completed profile survey.

Online Surveys Advantages

Internet Surveys are becoming an essential tool for research in various fields and holds advantages for both consumers and businesses. This means that you play an important part in giving your opinion regarding products and services.

  • It is faster – Surveys used to be done face-to-face or over the telephone.
  • More acurate – Studies shows that the quality of an online survey is on par with a face-to-face survey, which is way better than the quality of conducting surveys over the phone.
  • Easier to use – You can do the survey when convenient and skip questions when irrelevant.
  • Cheaper – For businesses that conduct surveys, responses are automatically processed and results are easily accessible. There is no need to manually enter the data into a database. 
  • Quicker to analyze
  • Convenient – Surveys can now be conducted from your mobile device.

In my previous job I had, we provided our clients with an online survey regarding our products we offered. They could only fill in the section regarding the product they were using. It was part of my job to analyze the surveys on a daily basis. “That’s great news, John! I am happy for you. But what of it??’, I hear you say.

Well, it really gave me the opprtunity to offer my assistance to those that actually struggled or said they wished they could have done this or that with the product and I can contact them back and say -but you can! Let me help you. It also was the sole reason our products was loved, simple and easy to use, because we listened and tailored our products to our customers’ needs.

 Right, let me just move on to the earning potential of Toluna to answer the impatient ones out there. I know it is like: “Dude! Stop the blabbering and just tell me how much money I will get!” 

Then there are those cheaters that simply scrolled down to the “answer” 🙂

Toluna Earning Potential

This was probably my first question I looked for before I tried Toluna myself.

My answer will be that it depends on you and how many surveys/point there are available or time you have. Each country is different and different online shops that they cater for.

I live in South Africa and from the time of writing, I need 250 points for every R1 cash. It will pay out on 25,000 points for R100.

Do not worry – I will show you where in Toluna you can see this for your country in a moment.

So typically a survey can take 15 to 25 minutes on average and the points per survey can vary greatly.

Cash payments are done to your PayPal account.

So to see how many points relate to your currency, simply click on the Community drop-down menu at the top and select Rewards Centre

Toluna Rewards

Now simply click on the ‘More’ button and you will see how many credits it will cost per voucher or for the conversion in your currency.

You won’t make a living from Toluna, even if you try or want to do this full time. Personally, doing this full time does not make sense for me but the occational survey, pocketing some money or winning something here or there is great as well as seeing my points accumalate.

You look at about R1,500 or $100 a month if you do a few surveys a day. If you work hard at it you may squeeze out about R4,500 or $300.

A job, whether a part time online job, a normal job or full time job is precisely this: An exchange of your time for money. I prefer to put hard work and effort in and then reap the rewards of that labour for some time to come. 

Yes, I am talking about passive income. Anyone can generate passive income starting off part time, but you will need to invest time in learning that skill. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place I found that will teach you exactly those skills with an awesome community that is always willing to help on top of the great support you get.

Moving on:

Just below Rewards you will see…

Toluna SweepStakes!

Toluna Lottery

So there is a daily lottery that you can enter to win 1,000,000 credits!

One entry will cost you 500 points.

The winners are announced at the bottom of the page each day.

Toluna Community

The Toluna Community is quite vibrant and there are usually some posts every few minutes.

It is easy to lose yourself in the community posts and before you know it the afternoon is gone! Perhaps it is just me, but I enjoy partaking.

Toluna post

It is easy to create a post and share with the rest of the Toluna community as can be seen above. Simply click on the big blue Create button at the top.

Toluna Create Button

Types Of Posts You Can Create:

  • vs Battle You ask the opinion between two products and the community can vote on their best choice.
  • Thumbs Up –  Here you ask the opinion about one product and then ask the Toluna community for a thumbs up or down.
  • A Poll – This is self explanitory. You can put up a poll with mutiple choices and can even allow for multiple ansers. Afterwards you are able to see the results of the poll.
  • A Topic – Pretty much like this blog post where you discuss a subject and people can leave their comment and start a descussion around the topic.

Who Is The Founder Of Toluna?

Toluna was founded by the current CEO, Frédéric-Charles Petit in 2000 and incorporated in England.

Toluna belongs to the ITWP group  with major investors being: Verlinvest, Eurovestech, Invesco and Management.

Before the major shareholders took Toluna private, it was listed on the AIM market.

There are some giant companies that make use of Toluna for customer insights like: Coca-Cola and Amazon.

Who is this for?

We know there are two sides to Toluna. One where you can sign-up as a member and participate in surveys or where you can enroll your company to receive insights from these surveys.

With that in mind. Here is who Toluna is for:

  • Businesses that need insight from customers to their products and services. (Conducting market research which is very powerful)
  • People that want to voice their opinion on products and services. (This is a huge platform that provides businesses with these opinions directly)
  • Those that are looking to make a few extra bucks while having a bit of fun (reletavie to what you call fun) on the side meeting others and sharing posts in the Toluna community.

What kind of support is available?

Toluna has got a comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. 

If that does not help, there is an option to fill in a contact form to ask for assistance.

I had no issues so far and so I cannot comment on the efficiency of the support. I can only comment on what is available.

What are Toluna’s Pros?

  • It is free to sign up
  • You can earn some money
  • You can win some money every day
  • There are cool gadgets and vouchers
  • A like minded community

What are its cons

  • It can be tedious at times
  • The income potential is quite low
  • It is easy to waste some time on Toluna

Let me explain the last point: You sometimes need to qualify for certain surveys. (I guess this is even beyond from what they can find on your profile? I am not sure.) The fact is:

You need to answer a bunch of qualifying questions in the begining and after spending that time, it may end up that you do not qualify for that survey. This is mostly the case with a high point value survey.

How much does it cost?

Toluna is FREE to join and signing up free for something is always a good thing. 

It gives the member piece of mind that there is no obligation or another obligation. It instills trust where the company basically says: ‘Hey, come join us! I am sure you will benefit and like it here.’  

Rather than putting a debit on your credit card before you can even have a peek at their system and the next thing you know you forgot to cancel, money has now been paid and you then try to make the best of it and see if you can make this thing work.

Have you ever been in such a situation? I have? I am emarresed to say: Multiple times. It happens when you are desperately looking for something to change your bad situation and the sweet promises of those that says: ‘This will be your last investment ever. You will need nothing more ever to make all the money in the world with our system.’

I would love to hear about your experiences with this in the comments below.

My Opinion & Verdict

Toluna is a legitimate online survey site where you surely get rewarded for completing surveys in points that can be exchanged for cash or online store vouchers. But note: Rewards do expire after a year. So you cannot pile up reward points forever, you may lose them!

You won’t be able to make a living from Toluna and should be seen as pocket money for some surveys done.

There are better ways of making money part time if this is what your end goal is. We all have the same 24 hours a day but some just get paid more money per hour. Time is precious. So use it wisely. 

Saying that, there is nothing wrong doing some surveys on Toluna when you have some time, let your points build-up and cash out. Instead of watching TV do a survey.

Some Internet users find it difficult to find legitimate part time online jobs and as a result believe that there are no such thing as paid online surveys (as an example) and that all of it is a scam. Unfortunately I was one of them and therefore I started this blog to at least show which part time online jobs are safe to try and other useful information to finally work your way to live financially free as my website suggest.

Your Comments?

Please share your thoughts on Toluna for those that already used it or if there is any question you would like to ask me about this blog, please leave it in comment section below and I will get back to you.

Feel free to include your frustrations or success with finding legitimate part time online jobs in the comments below.


Yes, you can get paid for doing online surveys with Toluna being one example. People want to do some easy online jobs and this is as easy as it gets. 

I believe that with some effort and dedication, you can earn much more money online. It starts with learning the skills and if you are interrested in making a decent bit of money online: Wealthy Affiliate will be my recommendation.

All the best,


How To Promote My Website On Google For Free

How to promote my website on Google for free?, is probably thé question that lead me to many different avenues when it comes to generating traffic to my website. The point is that you want to get your website and its awesome content out to the world for interested people to find and to see.

To make things simple, lets breakdown two methods of promoting your website on Google:

Free Traffic To My Website – Where Can I get Free Traffic?

For free traffic to your website, you will need time.

There are many different ways you can promote your website for free:

Social NetworksSocial media networks are one such avenue. Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are examples of these. Being active on these networks, creating a following and presenting your audience with great content from your website (In other words, redirecting them to your website where the content is they are looking for); is a good way of promoting your website for free.

The search engines, like Google, will index such activity and depending on the attention the post, pin, tweet, etc. enjoys it will be ranked for a search term in the search engines pages.

The more interaction in the form of shares, tweets, comments, likes, etc. your content enjoys the more popular it will be and the more free traffic you will enjoy to your website if you promoted your website rather than some other landing page.

Each social network is different in purpose. Example:

Facebook is more about what is happening now. It is a fast paced platform of information and concentrates on what is happening and what happened in the last 24 hours. It is by far the largest social media platform out there and hugely popular. Strategies for getting traffic to your website from Facebook includes joining groups in your interest (example: Dogs) and then share interesting posts from your website with them. This can bring huge traffic to your site in the short run.

Pinterest is more about visual pin boards of peoples dreams, hobbies and interests. Therefore, search engines will likely index a picture from Pinterest that will lead to your pinned topic which in turn should lead to your website.

Google’s ranking pages are divided in different sections and you can take advantage of any of these sections. One of these sections is dedicated to video content. Therefore, YouTube is also a good avenue for generating traffic. Each of these traffic generating avenues has got their own ranking system as well.

It mostly takes time and effort on a daily basis to keep the traffic flowing to your site. I personally think that a platform like Pinterest is more long term and forgiving. The key is still consistency in anything.

With that said: Is that what I need to do to rank in Google’s pages? A daily grind on social media platforms?

Traffic from social media is awesome and free, but website content remains the king.

Google will index your website content and rank the posts and pages within depending on your content and the relevancy of the content to the topic.

Social media is a great way to kick start your website into gear by getting a few social signals to it when starting your website or perhaps when writing new content.

I am most interested in having my actual content on my website rank within Google, Bing and Yahoo rather than only relying on social media to get me there. It is because the whole world now becomes your audience – year in and year out.

SEO the words spelled outThis is where the word SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. Without overthinking it, it is simply making things easy for Google to index – and to read your content. You do this by giving meaningful headings and titles to your content, give a description of what it is you are writing about (META Description) and creating Alternative texts for your images so that Google know what it is about. That is the basics of it!

Keyword research can lay the foundation to your content, but it can also break your website if that is your focus throughout. Please do not stuff your pages with keywords that you are trying to rank for and fit into your article somewhere. This will make things awkward, less understandable to your audience and to Google.

There are lots more to say about free traffic, but this should give you the essence of it.

The key I want to bring across with free traffic is that it needs time. But also effort and dedication. Those are the things necessary for you to generate free traffic.

I belong to a great community called Wealthy Affiliate that teaches you step-by-step on how to rank your website in Google for free. It is also free to sign-up.

To be successful and avoid all the scams and pitfalls, it is best to learn from those that achieved success.

Paid Website Advertising – Is It Worth My Money?

Paid AdvertisingThe second method of promoting your website in Google is via paid advertising. We only touched on free advertising above but you can also do paid advertising online and offline. Promoting your website online all falls under the term online marketing. Online marketing is what generates traffic to your website and gives rankings within the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

You can also advertise your website in the traditional way through adverts in newspapers, magazines, radio and television Although this can bring good traffic to your website, it won’t necessarily give you rankings within Google’s result pages. I am only mentioning it as this can also bring quick, targeted traffic to your website.

Let’s face it: One of the reasons (perhaps not the only reason) you want to rank in Google is to receive traffic to your website and paid advertising can be an effective means to do so.

There are many platforms you can pay for advertising your website. You can advertise through Google Ads, Facebook and Twitter to mention a few. There are also online classifieds to consider.

The top part of Google’s search results is dedicated to paid advertisers and you can see the word ‘Ad’ in front of their website address. This is also where you can pay for advertisements on YouTube videos. It allows you to set a budget and analyze the traffic you generate through your ads.

Paid advertising is for more advanced users. So if you are new to online marketing, I recommend you start promoting your website using free methods.

When you have a business, you will need to invest some money into the business for it to grow. Advertising is one such investment for most businesses and makes logic sense.

So for paid advertising you need money and sound knowledge of how advertising works.

But is it worth the money or should you rather stick with free traffic? Paid traffic is definitely worth the money if you know what you are doing. You need to weigh your options and the next section may give you an idea of the direction you would like to go.

There are books written on each of the topics I just touched on and I won’t be able to cover it all in depth, but I will briefly give you a few tips on what not to do which may be more value to start with a bit further on.

Paid Advertising VS Free Traffic

There are positive and negative points for both types of advertising.

Paid advertising can bring in traffic quick and it is easy to reach your target audience. The downside is that it can be costly and a bit more demanding.

Free traffic is just that – it is free. You can reap the benefits of a good SEO campaign for a long time to come. The downside to free traffic is that it can take time especially in the beginning and you can also waste a lot of time if it is not planned properly.

You will need consistency in any event.

Depending on your budget, you can even decide to do both. Reaching the top of the result pages can be hard work. Therefore, it is beneficial to know what is worth doing and what is not. Time is precious in my books. The only thing that cannot be bought or given back.

Generating Traffic –  Do’s And Don’ts

Do's And Don'tsIf you want traffic month in and month out, then you will need a website. This is essential for making consistent sales and getting returning customers. (That is if that is the purpose of your website and the need to rank in Google) Having a website is a good start. If you are just getting started, you can read my article: How To Build A Website Using WordPress and score two free, dummy proof websites.

1.) Please do:

  • Have a website
  • Write good content
  • Be helpful

2.) Please don’t:

  • Do keyword stuffing
  • Write content for the sole purpose of ranking in the SERPs
  • Have shoddy content
  • Build back links for the sake of having back links

One of the major factors that Google also take in account are back links. This is when another website contains a link on their website to yours. What Google is looking for are back links that comes from a website with authority and in the same niche as your website. Those are valuable and it gives your website authority.

These links are best when they are naturally formed through a social share perhaps or a participating in some forums and more. I am therefore against link exchange networks for the sake of building back links. If you stay above board, you have nothing to fear when a new Google algorithm surfaces but you have everything to lose if you don’t.

When your website is brand new, it does not have any trust with Google, but as your content grows and as time goes by, your website builds trust. It may take Google 4 days to a month to index your new website and new content you write, but once trust is built, your article can be indexed the same day or the next day still.

So make your website easy to read for your audience and it should be easy for Google to understand your content too with just a bit of added SEO to help the bot along.

In closing, let me give you the overall conclusion:


There are many different platforms you can promote your website on for both paid traffic and free traffic. You can also do both if time and money allows it. There is no secret, loophole or magic button for you to rank in the SERPs. It is simply effort in both research and content.

If you really want to know what it takes to to rank on the first page of Google; then learn from the people that are successful in doing just that over at Wealthy Affiliate.

Click the following link for my Wealthy Affiliate Review. <<==

I hope to see your website soar in the search engines soon!

If you have any questions at all, please leave me a comment below and I will do my best to assist you.



How To Build A Website Using WordPress

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, visit my disclosure page.

There are two ways you can build a website using WordPress and I will show you the easiest and free way to do this lastly.

So let me show you how to build a website using WordPress:

Build A Website Using WordPress – The Traditional Way

WordPress Themes

I still remember the days when you still had to pay a web designer to create a website for you. Those days are long gone with the arrival of platforms like WordPress.

Now you can build a website by simply creating a WordPress account and choose from hundreds of themes and plugins to suite your website design needs.

Once you have a WordPress account, you would then ideally purchase a domain name, have this domain hosted at a hosting company of your choosing and then connect your WordPress site to that domain.

I have created this post on WordPress and my hosting is absolutely free!

I also setup my website the easy way where it only takes 30 seconds to set it up. I will show you shortly how this is done, but first let us go through the steps building a WordPress site the traditional way (The less easy route):

Standard WordPress Setup

1.) Create a WordPress account

You will need to go to and click on “Getting Started” or the “Create your site” button.

Complete steps 1 to 4 and you are done. (Step 1 – Below)

2.) Purchase a domain name

Now that you have a WordPress account, it is recommended to choose and purchase a domain name. This cost is separate to hosting your website.

I also had to purchase my domain name: which costs me $13.99 a year.

Here are a couple of places you can purchase a domain name from: or GoDaddy. You can then also decide to have them host your WorPress site as well.

I would normally shop around for best domain name prices as well as better hosting packages and deals.

3.) Web Hosting

This will be the place that you nominate to host your website or WordPress blog on. This will be at a monthly cost depending on the package you chose.

I have free hosting for my website: (Keep on reading if you would like to see how it is done.)

Tip: Choose a hosting package that offers a free SSL certificate otherwise this will be an extra charge as well.

It is important to have an SSL certificate so that your website is reported as safe and secure. Google prefers that it is and clients may get a warning that your website is unsafe to go to if you do not make use of an SSL certificate.

You will normally be presented with a cPanel / dashboard from your hosting company where you can then install WordPress from.

Good hosting companies (from what I have heard) are: and I do not have personal experience with them; since my website hosting is for free.

So there you have it. The basic steps to get a WordPress website up and running on a domain name of your choosing.

But let me now show you how to build a website using WordPress the easy way with free hosting:

How To Build A Website For Dummies

Now the next method of setting up a website is really so easy and straight forward that  it is completely dummy proof.

It is also worth mentioning that WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms out there and definitely worth using.

For my free web hosting, I am using my Wealthy Affiliate membership and it is free to join!

But let me take you through the simple steps in creating your 2 FREE websites within Wealthy Affiliate:

1.) Setup Website

To create a free website, click on the ‘On a free domain’ option.

There is nothing more I can tell you about the first step. Simply click the button!

2.) Choose your domain name

Now type in the name you want for your website. It will show you if the name you chose is available or not.

3.) Choose a title for your website

This will be your title for your website like mine above is: Work To Live Free

4.) Choose a WordPress theme

This is self explanatory, but it makes life easy when you choose a clean, easy and responsive theme without all the fluff.

That’s it. You are done!

You can now log onto your WordPress site and enable the already installed essential plugins if you wish. All In One SEO is for optimizing your content for the search engines and the other plugin is an image optimizer.

With WA you also get a free SSL certificate! Pretty amazing.
Having and hosting a domain like this can easily cost you $50 a month.

So if you would like to learn more on obtaining free hosting, 2 free websites and a free SSL certificate then simply click on this FREE LINK <<==

Alternatively watch the setup video here:

Watch The above Video: How To Create A Website In Less Than 30 Seconds

If you have any questions at all, please leave me a comment below or send me an e-mail to:

Have an awesome day!


Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 – How Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, visit my disclosure page.

Perhaps you have heard of Wealthy Affiliate before and read a Wealthy Affiliate review or two but you are still not sure if it will be yet another program that will simply waste your precious time.

Or perhaps you asked: How does Wealthy Affiliate really work?, but you simply don’t want to join a program that you know nothing about.

Well, then I am here to break it down for you in my best effort to deliver the most thorough and honest review possible.

You want to know:

  • Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or not
  • Are there any negative reviews about the company
  • Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

There are loads to read, but if you simply want to see my verdict, here it is:


Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

by John Zeeman

Cost to Join: Free – No credit card needed

Income Potential
Website Builder
Research Tools


After having a serious look at Wealthy Affiliate, I can honestly say that it is the real deal.


It is ideal for anyone starting out looking to make a success online. Wealthy Affiliate caters for beginners as well as advanced online marketers.

This is the best decision you will make to reach online success.

Let me answer the first important question I would ask myself :

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

I wasn’t too sure myself in the beginning and I found there are others like me out there that simply took a stab at the program’s name and made a best guess as to what it is all about.

I can tell you my guess was so wrong:
I simply thought it is some affiliate marketplace where you promote products or something similar. But it is not! What it is, is the most amazing affiliate marketing community platform I have ever came across.

Let’s face it: A program that I am going to invest time in must peak my interests, it must be enjoyable, it must be transparent and worth my while. Why else would I even give it a try? Wealthy Affiliate ticks all those boxes for me.

Here is how I will define Wealthy Affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate is a community, support center and a training center that turns ordinary people, like me and you and from all walks of life, into successful online business owners.

It does not matter what your interests are or what you are passionate about. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to turn your passion/s into a profitable business.

It is the most caring and supportive community, of roughly 1,000,000 members, I have ever came across online. A little more about this later…

Just as a side note – Get this: Little me, Johnny, personally got multiple answers to my questions from the co-owner, Kyle, himself! They said I could ask the owners questions and they will respond at their soonest. So I tested it out and I was amazed just for the fact that I received answers from Kyle.

Carson, is the other co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate and you can ask him questions too. Carson is more on the technical side of things.
But I am rambling on again and getting off topic – let me just gear down a bit.

Here is the next question I will ask:

Are There Any Negative Reviews?

I have seen perhaps 2 negative reviews. Both argued that Wealthy Affiliate members should not be able to promote the business (Wealthy Affiliate) without gaining some street cred. first.

Probably meaning that they should be able to show off their earnings of previous success.

The point is this: If you find any Wealthy Affiliate member content on the first page of Google for the search terms you used, then that is street cred. enough. How else did they manage to be on Google’s first page?

This is the point of Wealthy Affiliate, to teach you how to rank on Google’s first page. If you do a poor job, then you wil not be found in Google’s search results and if your poor written article is not found, then nobody will see it.

Content that is found on the first page of the search engines are most likely good quality content and is helpful. If it is not good quality, then it probably won’t stay in the top results for long.

With that out of the way:

What does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

It is free! Yes. You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free with no credit card needed.

Joining for free makes you a starter member. As a starter member you get the beginners training, you can build 2 free websites, get live help for 7 days, video walk through, 1-on-1 coaching for the first 7 days, 2 training classrooms and more.

Do not worry, I will break it down for you shortly…

The fact is, Wealthy Affiliate has the best free training course I ever received on the Internet and there is no obligation for you to upgrade to a premium member because Wealthy Affiliate is all about options. It is what you choose and when you choose it.

You have the freedom to learn at your own pace and you can earn while you are learning as a startup member. This is one of the things I love about Wealthy affiliate: The freedom of choice.

It is about me and my progress on my time. The startup membership also allows you to see what it is all about and if this is for you. Personally, I am having a blast as a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Just as a side note on ‘earn while you learn’:

  • It will take time for you to create the content on your site and finally earn any money.
  • The pace is set by you. Some make their first little money 3 months after starting with Wealthy Affiliate. Some already made a bit of money in month 4. Some only achieve success after a year.
  • The ingredient for success is you!

Is the above something to be excited about? For me it was for sure because I have tried for years to make some money online and I couldn’t make a dime!

A year is but a blink of an eye. It will be over before you know it.

Please see the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Cost in the next section below:

Why Would I Want To Go Premium?

With all the support (which is everywhere by the way), the extra training, live sessions, a more powerful version of the research tool and more to take advantage of, it will pave the way for you to become a great success online.

When starting off your journey online, I will recommend to simply sign up as a starter member. When you are ready to build a business online, go for the premium package. The choice is yours.

Here is the breakdown of the differences between the startup – and premium membership visually:

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

Now since the time of writing, there are new payment options for signing up for the premium membership:

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Cost

As a starter member, you will have the option to join the premium membership for a discounted $19 and is valid for the first 7 days of membership only. Thereafter, it will be $49 per month as per the normal monthly subscription fee.

You also have the option to pay one payment every 6 months for premium membership at $234 or one payment of $359 every year.

Here it is a bit easier to read:

Monthly Premium Membership Cost :
$49/month ($19 for the first month – valid for 7 days from sign-up)

6 Month Premium Membership Cost:
(Payment repeated every 6 months):

Yearly Premium Membership Cost
(Payment repeated every year):

So now that you know what Wealthy Affiliate is about and what it costs, let us have a look at the interface:

Wealthy Affiliate User Interface

It is really impressive and user-friendly. The interface is clean with colorful icons marking each section clearly which makes navigation a breeze.

You can view all the important information at a glance. This includes your rank, number of posts, profile messages received, your network size, number of replies for conversations you follow, the number of unread private messages, the number of active live chats, etc.

There are no scrolling through thousands of menus to find what you are looking for.

For some this is no big deal but I, for one, get frustrated when I have to look for a specific menu and I simply can’t find it. So, yes, I was impressed.

Another noteworthy feature for me was that any section that can be searched, have a powerful search bar at the top. Whether it is on the dashboard, Training menu, Live events, Research, etc. If it can be searched, there is a search bar.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

I felt at home on the first day. There were so many people that welcomed and encouraged me with every step of the way. The best part is that you can follow other community members and you can directly message a member that follows you and you can simply post questions or ask for guidance in conversation topics. Let me explain:

So let’s say I am busy with one of my lessons and I have questions or I do not understand fully (apart from the many other support channels), I can simply scroll down on that training lesson page and join the conversation on that topic. It will also present me with a button to ask if I need assistance from the community. So all members that are part of that conversation will then also get an alert that there is a new entry.

You also have your own personal Blog where you can share posts that you have made.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Training is done systematically; taking you step-by-step through the lesson. It is literally, step 1 – do this or read this or watch this or write this. At the end of the lesson you tick off all the tasks you had to do before you can progress to the next lesson.

Anyone can do this. There are many Wealthy Affiliate members (young and old) that runs a successful online business.

I saw an elderly lady with 12 grand kids that joined the other day!

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the correct techniques of online marketing that is relevant today and the training content is always fresh with many of them updated daily.

I just quickly want to mention the following (as it suddenly came to mind): You get awarded with badges for your accomplishments that, as the word implies, really feels rewarding. I just can’t wait to get my next badge. But moving on…

Wealthy Affiliate takes you through the 4 step process of building a successful online business:

  1. Choose any interest
  2. Build your website
  3. Attract your target audience
  4. Generate an income

There are different forms of training you can take. Let me list some for you:

  1. Online Enterperneur Certification – 50 lessons
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp – 70 lessons
  3. Classrooms – loads of searchable topics from everything to do with WordPress or SEO or Content writing.
  4. Live Events – You can book to sit in on a live event or play/search previous live events; since they are recorded and made available to premium members.

The training to me is epic and fun to do.

==>Start Your Online Enterperneur Certification For Free

Wealthy Affiliate Website Builder And Domain Hosting

Simply amazing. It takes 30 seconds to get a website up and running. There is no need to get a hosting company, you simply click on Build A Website and you are set.

If you want a new domain, simply click a button, see if the domain name is available, purchase the domain right there and then and click a button to connect the domain to your website! Now that is cool – right?

Even better: All your stats for your website can be seen in one place. Things like Site Trust, Posting Frequency, Is my site indexed in Google yet, etc. You can even check your website rank. You can do all this plus manage your domain settings from within Wealthy Affiliate without the need to log into different places or upload your WordPress site to a hosting company.

I will cover one more aspect of Wealthy Affiliate, although there is much more I would like to tell you, but in all my excitement I haven’t checked the time and it is almost time for me to get up already so that I can take my wife for breakfast as promised. 🙂

Therefore, lastly:

Wealthy Affiliate Research and Writing Tools

Have you ever done keywords research? Well. Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy. You will know exactly which keywords are easy to rank for and Kyle will show you how simple it is to get loads of relevant, low competition keywords that will be a breeze to rank for.

Keywords are the foundation on which the success of your website is build. This makes them super important as well as the accuracy of identifying great keywords. This right here is enormous value.

The Site Content application is very powerful in that it will check your grammar and spelling with a click of a button. It is an amazing grammar checker and it is so simple and fast to fix your whole document. You can create templates, save your articles in folders (named buckets), it auto saves your article as you type, you can directly post your article to your website and so much more.

In fact: I have created this article using the Site Content application. Again: This is all done within Wealthy Affiliate.

In the end it is fantastic that I can be on my computer in the office and write an article or perhaps do some keywords research and then I can simply take my laptop, sit in the garden and carry on where I have left off.

WorkToLiveFree’s Final Words:

It really made a difference in my life and I am sure it will for you too. There is this energy and zest for life that was missing before. Mostly there was frustration in my life, not getting things done right, nothing works and I felt like a headless chicken running around from pillar to post. But no more. I wake up with a smile knowing that I am growing a successful online business one step at a time.

Therefore you should know that this is not a quick method of making tons of money online. It is the right way, one that will reward you richly year in and year out for your efforts throughout.

You can choose to swap your time for money if you wish as most do with a regular job or you can reap the benefits of your efforts over and over. It is just like a best-seller novel where someone took the time to write it and when it is done the rewards will flow in for years to come.

So now you know how Wealthy Affiliate really works. It is not so scary after all!

Wealthy Affiliate Free Signup

If you have any question at all about the Wealthy Affiliate platform, please let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to provide you with answers.

Current and former Wealthy Affiliate members are also welcome to leave their comments below.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate for yourself and please let me know if you believe I am too generous with my Wealthy Affiliate review ratings. I am sure you will be blown away.

About Me

Starting an online business that can produce passive income is something many aspire to and I was one of them. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to work from anywhere so that I can visit my family more often that lives in different parts of the world. Many quit trying but I strongly believe anyone can have their piece of the pie and I am glad I persevered.

My Story

I am now in my 40s and live in South Africa. Finding a good job is not easy and I found myself without work twice in my lifetime. It is the worst feeling ever, not being able to earn an income with bills to pay and a wife to support. It brings you to the point being willing to do any meager task for some income. So I did:

I started my own business by going around to car dealerships offering to wash their cars. I didn’t realize it was actually a competitive market here and because of my ignorance of it all, I kept on asking. Then one car dealership accepted and asked me to clean a car for them as a demo. With glee in my heart I borrowed money from a friend R300 ($22) to buy the basics: A bucket, chamois, soap, toothbrush, cloths, sponge, car polish and shoe polish for the tires; since I couldn’t afford silicone. They let me use their high-pressure water hose and vacuum cleaner. I took my time, but cleaned everything from top to bottom, inside-out; including the engine. It paid off!

They hired me to officially wash they cars if I can promise that all the cars I clean will look like the demo. After a few months I hired 2 jobless people from the street and taught them how to do the work. By then, I bought my own equipment including a polishing machine. My little business grew to multiple car dealerships plus servicing the public by cleaning their cars at their homes. The downside was that I borrowed the money from my friend in exchange for 50% of my business income. This made me even run at a loss in some quiet months, but I quickly learned to compensate for those during the busy months. I still had to work 7 days a week to make ends meat but it was a living. I physically helped with the cleaning when someone was off sick, traveled from one dealership to the other making sure things are running smoothly, handle complaints, collecting debt, do invoicing, distribute chemicals, maintaining equipment and then you do it all over again the next month. Just managing the workers alone was tiresome. I haven’t been able to spend time with my wife or family and only had two days off in a year: Christmas day and New Year’s day. I then found a part-time job (miles away from where my little business was) as IT desktop support for a company. It was a job I knew very well. I started to neglect my little car cleaning business because I could not always be there to make sure things go smoothly. My small business, that lasted 7 years, finally crumbled when I was asked to work full time as IT support. I grabbed the opportunity and they offered me the salary I wanted.

It was a well paying job and I finally had leave days – happy times! For some reason though I stayed the only desktop support person working for this software company. For each company they developed their custom software to, I had to do full IT support on site. (Repairing laptops, PC’s, Printers, be server admin for the domains, networking, exchange, hosting websites, etc) They grew to about 7 companies I had to manage and even had to fly regularly to some of them. There was a lot of overtime and away time from home again, but the pay was good, there was leave and so I worked as hard as I could. Till one day (after 5 years) the company went bankrupt and I was given less than 24 hours notice. There was no back pay, my leave was not paid out and I was once again without a job. Now deep in my 30s, I started looking for something else and decided to add CISCO (CCNA) certification to my name, passed it and still I was without a job for almost a year! It was during that time that I decided to look for ways to make money online:

My Making Money Online Pursuite

I was familiar with the term SEO but not fully sure how it all works. So naturally I started searching the Internet for information on: “How to do SEO” or “How to rank number one on Google”. That let me to fall for every trick and scam in the book. I only spent money and wasted my time always trying the next certain method or loophole that will make me tons of money. I never made a dime. I started afresh many times and finally decided to get a website (which is the right thing to do), optimised it for SEO (great idea), got some social accounts trying to drive some traffic (all good), wrote articles and so forth (Content is important). But still I made only 2 sales in 3 years! I loath the online scammers preying on the poor and desperate; stealing their money in exchange for empty promises, getting rich quick schemes and making a living out of it. Today is different. Today I am building my dream and I finally feel relieved that my search is over. Now I want to help you too.


It really is the worst thing when you are so desperate for some money and someone cheats you out of your last penny for a cheap trick and you have nothing to show for it. At the end you simply lose trust in humanity and see a scam in every offering and yet, you’ve done it again: You fell for someone’s well-spoken words that lures you over the edge of the cliff promising genuineness and caring. Why should these people deserve to make a dime on the Internet? I want to help you so that you also can see that anyone can have a successful online business. That you can make your dream come true. That there is a community out there that cares and is supportive, encourages you and teaches you the right way.

For now: Know that there is no quick way to make money online, no one button traffic solution, no loopholes, no secret to getting ranked. Non of that is true. I once paid $300 for a course on getting massive free traffic – It was a series of videos showing me how to create an account with Facebook and how to create a fan page. I am sure most are capable of doing that without paying $300 to figure it out! Those are the reasons I truly want you to succeed and avoid these frustrating traps that robs you from your dreams.


  1. To finally get you started on achieving your dream of building a successful business online.
  2. To have you plug into a fantastic community that cares, assists, teaches and encourages you every step of the way.
  3. To see you succeed because it feels good to see when honesty and transparency pays off.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,