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Work to live free is what I always envisioned even as a child.

I was so ‘clever’ as a child and I had it all worked out. Life is going to be a breeze and this is how things will turn out for my bright future (I thought back then as a child): I will tough it out at school and tolerate the annoying teachers, annoying rules, and lack of freedom.

I turn 18 and wham! Freedom. I get a job that will pay good money (I have been to school for a long while so why not?), drive a flashy sports car, stay up as long as I want, go where I please, eat what I want and go out when I want.

Shortly after, I will start a couple of businesses and get others that graduate from school to work for me as I did in the beginning. Now it is party time and living life all the way.

Life is so easy when you are grown up! (I thought)

But then you turn 18 and start looking for a job. Or perhaps go study for another 5 years to get a degree. The sweetness of life just ended for most – like me. There are more responsibilities and more rules. A prisoner to circumstances and finance. When will I be free??

Have I Given Up On That Childish Idea?

Nope! Although I found life harder than I could ever hoped for and I hate struggling worst of all. But I knew back then already that people are making a living online. Ever since I started working in Information Technology in the early 2,000s

The enticing whispers of passive income and overnight riches kept me awake at night. But I finally know better: It is not all about the money.

I wanted to be one of those online gurus and chased after this idea, but somehow ended up at the wrong place every time. There are so many sharks out there that will steal your money when all you want is: How do I do online marketing? That is all. Simply tell me.

Ever Been Scammed Out Of Your Money?

Scam Alert

I have been many times over. That promise that they will open your eyes to the online marketing world and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams! Simply open your wallet first.

You think: Finally! I will do whatever – just tell me.

What a letdown when you find useless information you already know. So I gave up the idea for a while and jumped into MLM (Multi-level-marketing). Just – no! Not for me again or at least not the fourth time. 🙂

Is This Dream Out OF Reach?

Hell no! It took me many years (and I still do not know how I haven’t come across Wealthy Affiliate before) but now I am finally at a place that tells me (and shows me) how to do online marketing the right way.

It is free to become a startup member. You do not have to take out your wallet first or present a credit card in order to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate.

This is the real deal. No deception and no lies. The hardest concept to teach new online marketers is that there is no loophole, no secret and no overnight riches. (We, the online community, are somehow convinced otherwise.)

The upside is:

  • Anyone can do this.
  • It is simple.
  • The income potential is endless.
  • It will probably be the most rewarding thing you have ever done.

The reason that this will be probably the most rewarding thing you have ever done is because you do what you like best. You do what you are most passionate about. The word ‘Nothing’ is not part of something you can be passionate about. 🙂

I am passionate about helping others succeed online because I was desperate to find this information for so long, just to be scammed by others. Why, oh why? Because of greed perhaps?

Or are they simply the people I wanted to become? The ones that chase the money by any means and trick the desperate and ignorant from their hard-earned cash.

What To Look Out For – Don’t Be Fooled

For an income to be sustainable online, you need a website and you will need time to grow that website into something meaningful: Like content on the topic you are passionate about.

Here is a small list of things that will not be sustainable:

  • Making money overnight, today, now
  • Making money on autopilot
  • Take advantage of a loophole in Google
  • Backlink building
  • Any strategy that tries to artificially manipulate Google rankings
  • Binary options. It is legit but not sustainable to my mind. Not for us ordinary people anyway. It is also very risky.
  • 1Up programs like $25 1Up (It is not sustainable and there is no product to sell. It is simply money exchanging hands)

Only 4 Steps To Success

  • Find Your Passion
  • Build A Platform (Example: On a website)
  • Grow Your Audience Naturally
  • Promote Your Passion

I used the word ‘passion’ and there is a bit of a debate with online marketers that you can promote anything. You do not have to have a passion for it.

I believe you will do better, have more to teach, and give to your audience. It will make life less of a chore as well. You do not want a second job in my opinion.

Even though online marketing is hard work to start with, I find it enjoyable, satisfying, and downright exciting.

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom Question

If financial freedom is your goal like mine: You will not find it with a normal job where you exchange time for money.

You will need to earn money while you sleep. Passive income is what you will need.

Start Building Your Dream For Free

My Dream Life

Now you can start building on your dream for free. It will provide you with the opportunity to evaluate if online marketing is for you.

If it is not, you have not wasted a cent.

The Wealthy Affiliate academy also has a premium membership (No obligation) if you decide that you would like to learn more.

Here is a quick comparison table between the free and paid membership:

Work To Live Free’s Final Words

You have the talent, the skill, and the passion for something to be successful in this life. Now it only requires determination and dedication.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to pop them in the comments below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you found this article helpful and you know it can help someone else, please share it.

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